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Lemongrass Allepy Veg Curry

This Lemongrass Allepy Veg Curry recipe is a delicious combination of fresh vegetables and flavored with a lemongrass curry paste. The curry also has a blend of coconut milk and a tomato puree, adding to the tanginess of this Asian inspired curry.


To make this Lemongrass Alleppey Veg curry even more delicious, try serving it with some homemade appams or puttu (steamed rice cakes). It will surely become a family favorite!

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  1. How to make Lemongrass Allepy Veg Curry? 
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    How to make Lemongrass Allepy Veg Curry?

    1) In a Meyer Kadai, heat coconut oil and add whole spices, chopped ginger and chopped garlic to it and saute.Add the sliced onions and let them cook for 2-3 minutes.Add the dry and fresh chillies along with the chopped tomatoes and let it cook.

    LemonGrass Allepy

    2) Add mustard seeds and curry leaves to the kadai followed by the powdered spices.Cover with water and let it simmer.
    Allepy Veg Curry

    3) Cut all the vegetables in small cubes and add them to the kadai one by one starting off with the hardest ones, as they will take the longest to cook.Beat the lemongrass stalk with the back of a knife in order to release its oils.Add it to the curry and let it infuse on slow flame.
    Lemongrass veg curry
    4) Add the coconut cream, salt and pepper cook it for the final 2 minutes.Finish off the curry with some honey.
    Lemongrass veg curry

    5) In a separate Meyer Frypan, make tempering with curry leaves, mustard seeds and ginger juliennes.Garnish the curry with the tempering and serve hot.
    Preparing Tadka


    Recipe Card


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      in the ingredients the second item is ‘whole spices’, what whole spices? the ones listed below?

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