Masala Tea Bread And Butter Pudding

Tea+ Butter + Bread= Exquisiteness! And this easy home-made dessert is just exquisite! 


Possibly the simplest dessert out there that is made using the simplest of ingredients, this baked treat will add sweetness to any moment. You can team it up with masala chai and have a languid tea-time with your loved ones. 


Table of content 

1. What is masala tea butter bread
2. How masala tea butter bread can add value to your tea time
3. Ingredients 
4. Best bread for masala tea butter bread pudding?
5. How to make masala tea butter bread 
6. Recipe Card


What is masala tea butter bread ?

An extremely classic and comfortable dessert, this is custardy on the inside, golden and buttery on top. The only real question is: what will you serve it with? Ice cream, cream , custard– or something else?  How can butter bread add value to your tea time?


Do you find yourself bored and wanting to do certain things when stressed and less occupied ? 

There are a couple of destructive things:

1. People try new recipes or give a simple recipe some different touch .
2. Some people start doing what they like to do for eg. dance, sing , write or listen to podcasts or music.

But we feel nothing can beat a bowl of comfort food like this bread and butter pudding. It really does make the best woe food. Breakfast is the best time to refresh and add value to your empty stomach.     


Suggested cookware for the recipe 



  1. Milk - To give masala chai authentic taste of lactose
  2. Unsalted butter - Butter gives good pre seasoning to the recipe for even distributed of the mixture
  3. Masala Tea bags - for that masala tea flavor 
  4. Eggs - eggs ensure that milk is not as thick as cream.
  5. Cinnamon powder - like in french toast cinnamon powder adds the value of taste and aroma, in this dish also it does the same.
  6. Caster sugar - Sugary taste is what makes this a perfect dessert.
  7. Custard powder - to add more to the perfect flavor of a complete dessert , this ingredient helps to bring that smooth consistency of the mixture.
  8. White Bread Slices - the most important ingredient which will soak and bake itself with all of the above ingredients.  

Best bread for masala tea butter bread pudding?

Suggestion - It’s best to use a soft plain or sweet bread:

  1. Plain regular white bread – sliced, unsliced, loaf, block, rolls, hot dog or hamburger buns.
  2. Raisin bread or other similar flavored breads which will suit a sweet dessert taste.
  3. Unsalted Buttery breads – like brioche and challah
  4. Stale plain cake – Our chef suggests he personally is not the sort to leave leftover cake lying around until it becomes stale, but if you happen to, then by all means use it. Just be a touch more gentle when tossing in egg mixture


How to make Butter bread ?

1) Take a bowl and add 250ml hot milk, add 100 grams of salted butter to it and mix it properly. 
Masala Tea Bread And Butter Pudding
2) Add 3-4 tea bags to the milk mixture and let it infuse.
Chai bread and butter pudding
3) In a separate small bowl, break open the eggs and add sugar and cinnamon powder as per taste to it. Now add custard powder in the tea infused milk mixture.
Masala chai brioche pudding recipe
4) Pour the milk mixture into the egg mixture bowl and whisk until we get a dissolved mixture.
Masala Chai-Spiced Bread and Butter Pudding
5) In a meyer loaf tin layer the bread slices and the egg mixture and let it soak for around 20 mins.
Chai Tea Bread Pudding
6) Sprinkle a handful of raisins on top and make sure they are also coated in the egg mixture.
Chai Latte Bread Pudding
7) Bake in the oven at 170 degrees for 40 minutes or till the top is brown and crispy.
Apple-Chai Spiced Bread Pudding
8) Slice and serve warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
Chai Bread Pudding with Frothy Ginger Creme
Expert Tips 
  1. Mix the masala tea flavored milk and eggs properly.
  2. Don’t over bake them in oven 

Recipe Card

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