Chicken and Broccoli Stir Fry

This is a classic oriental dish with a slight tweak to make it everyone’s favourite. A simple recipe that easily be rustled up in 10 minutes and includes just a quick stir fry!

Chase the flavors

Serves 2-3

Prep time 20 Minutes

Cooking time 20 Minutes


Shredded Chicken Thighs - 250 gm

Corn Flour - 2 tbsp

Egg white - 1

Refined Oil - For Deep Frying

Sesame Oil - 1 tbsp

Butter - 1 Cube

Sliced Onion - 2

Chopped Ginger - 1 knot

Chopped Garlic - 6-7 Cloves

Green Chilli - 2

Broccoli - 1

Chilli Paste - 1 tbsp

Vinegar - 1 tsp

Honey - 1 tbsp

Sesame Seeds

Red Bell Pepper

Water - 100ml


1. Marinate the shredded chicken with salt, pepper, egg white and corn flour.

2. Deep fry the chicken till crispy and keep it aside.

3. In a wok, start with sesame oil, add in the butter.

4. Add in the sliced onion, chopped ginger, chopped garlic and chopped green chilli.

5. Add in broccoli florets, add in the chilli paste, soya sauce and vinegar along with some water.

6. Dissolve 1 tbs of corn flour in water and add it to the chicken.

7. Next, top it all with some sesame seeds and some shredded bell peppers and serve hot.

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