Black Rice And Coconut Pudding

Serves 2-3

Preparation time 10 Minutes

Cooking time 6 Minutes


Black Rice - 150gms

Coconut Cream/Milk - 150 ml

Honey - 10ml

Condensed Milk - 50 ml

Cardamom Pods - 3-4

Cinnamon Powder - A pinch

A healthy and international twist to kheer (an Indian rice pudding dessert) with the creaminess of the coconut and wholesomeness of rice.


1. Soak black rice for 1 hour.

2. Cook the rice till soft just like regular rice.

3. In a sauce pan heat the coconut cream and add condensed milk to it while stirring.

4. Add the cardamom pods and cinnamon and let it infuse and reduce on very slow heat till it becomes thick.

5. Add the honey and check the sweetness.

6. Layer the rice and coconut cream in a shot glass or martini glass.

7. Garnish with toasted pine nuts or with fruits of choice.

8. Chill and serve.

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