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Mix Veg Pakora

Every household has their own pakora recipe, which sometimes can be confusing for a person, but here we are bringing you a recipe that can be your holy grale for mixed vegetable pakoras from now on. With the most basic ingredients and techniques, this mixed vegetable pakora is gonna take your pakora game to a whole new level.

Table of Content

  1. What is a Mixed Veg Pakora ?
  2. Quick and Easy Mix Veg Pakora
  3. How to make Mix Veg Pakora?
  4. Expert Tips
  5. Recipe Card  


What is a Mixed Veg Pakora?

​​A mixed vegetable pakora can't be called a classic recipe, though it is a classic dish. Eaten at almost every Indian household, the mix pakora holds a major position in our favourite snacks. Although everyone has their own specific recipe, the types and quantity of the vegetables differ, from person to person. Onions and potatoes can be said as the most commonly used ingredients, though spinach is replaced with a lot of other green vegetables.


Quick and Easy Mixed Veg Pakora

A spicy and crispy Pakora in this amazing monsoon weather; can there be anything better? if you don't believe me, try this recipe for yourself. 


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    How to make Mixed Veg Pakora?

    1) Add the ginger cubes, garlic cloves and slit green chillies into a master chopper. Start to grind and chop the mixture till it is evenly desiccated.

    Grate Chillies

    2) To the chopped mix, add a bunch of spinach and chop it the same way. After done, open the chopper, take out the blade and attach the slicer. With the slicer, slice up a whole onion.
    Slice Onion

    3) Next, slide in the grater attachment and grate a large potato in the mixture. Once grated and chopped, transfer everything into a large bowl.
    Mix veg pakora

    4) In the large bowl, add all the dry spices, season to taste with salt, add the besan and water. Start to mix the mixture into a semi liquid batter consistency.
    Mix veg pakora

    5) Heat the oil for frying in a Meyer Stainless Steel Milk Pan. With your hands, form dollops of the pakora mixture and drop them in the hot oil. Fry them at a low temperature.
    Mix veg pakora

    6) Take the partially cooked pakoras out and smash them in between your palms. fully fry the pakoras again on a higher temperature, till the outside becomes a crispy golden brown.

    7) Serve them hot, as and when they come out of the fryer. Sprinkle some chat masala over them for the added zing.
    Fry pakora


    Expert Tips

    1. Make sure the ginger garlic and chilli are finely chopped at the start, or they will taste unpleasant later on.
    2. Do not add too much water to the batter or it might not hold its shape together.
    3. Make sure to smash the pakora between the refrying, this helps to increase the crispiness.

    Recipe Card

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