Tofu Steak With Salsa Verde

A heart-healthy dish that is not only nutritious and delicious but also very easy to make.


1. Cut the tofu block into 1 cm thick steaks.

2. Grill the tofu steaks on a grill pan and keep aside.

3. In a blender add coriander, olive oil, cheese, basil, salt and pepper.

4. Blend till smooth.

5. Lay the grilled tofu on a platter and spoon out the sauce on top.

Chase the flavors

Serves 2-3

Preparation time 10 Minutes

Cooking time 5 Minutes


Firm tofu block - 1 no.

Coriander - 1 bunch

Basil - 10 leaves

Parmesan cheese - 30 gms

Black olives - 1 tbsp

Olive oil - 50 ml

Salt and pepper - to taste

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