Appam Pan Price: Get Best Deal On Cookware

Appam Pan Price: Get Best Deal On Cookware

An appam pan, which is sometimes referred to as a "appam patra" or a "appakara," is a specialised piece of cookware that is frequently utilised in the preparation of South Indian cuisine, particularly in the states of Tamil Nadu,  Kerala, and Karnataka. It is intended for use in the preparation of an authentic South Indian meal that is often known as "appam" or "hoppers." An appam pan price is based on its quality, specifications and durability.


A form of pancake known as an appam has a border that is more dense and chewy in the middle but is otherwise paper-thin and crisp around the edges. It is a common dish that is enjoyed for either breakfast or dinner, and it can be had with a variety of side dishes and condiments, such as coconut chutney, vegetable stew, or sweetened coconut milk.


What Determines Appam Pan Price?

An appam pan price can be determined by several factors, including:


  1. Material: The type of material the appam pan is made from plays a significant role in determining its price. Common materials include non-stick coated metal, cast iron, aluminum, and traditional metals. Cast iron pans, known for their durability and heat retention, tend to be more expensive than non-stick coated pans.
  2. Size: The size and capacity of the appam pan can impact its price. Larger pans with more cavities for making appams will typically be more expensive than smaller ones.
  3. Quality: The overall quality of the appam pan, including the thickness of the metal, the durability of the non-stick coating (if applicable), and the craftsmanship, can influence the price.
  4. Features: Some appam pans come with additional features, such as heat-resistant handles, lids, or unique designs, which can increase their price.
  5. Coating: If the appam pan has a non-stick coating, the quality and durability of the coating can impact the price. High-quality non-stick coatings tend to be more expensive.
  6. Accessories: Some appam pans may come with additional accessories, such as a spatula or a lid, which can add to the overall cost.



Uses of Appam Pan:

An appam pan, with its unique design featuring multiple round cavities, serves several culinary purposes in South Indian cuisine. Primarily, it is used for making "appams" or "hoppers," a beloved South Indian dish. The pan allows for the creation of appams with their distinctive shape—thin and crispy around the edges, and soft and spongy in the center. Beyond appams, this versatile pan can also be used for making other South Indian delicacies like "paniyarams" or "paddus," which are savory or sweet dumplings, and "unniyappams," sweet rice fritters. Its round cavities make it suitable for preparing these bite-sized treats, and it's valued for its ability to cook evenly and produce dishes with varying textures, from crispy to fluffy, depending on the recipe. Additionally, it can be employed creatively for making a range of non-Indian dishes, such as egg bites or pancake puffs, making it a handy tool in the kitchen for both traditional and modern cooking.



Difference Between Appam Pan & A Regular Pan: 

A standard pan, often referred to as a frying pan or skillet, is a versatile kitchen utensil with a flat, open cooking surface and sloped sides. It is typically used for a wide range of cooking tasks, including frying, sautéing, searing, and simmering various dishes. In contrast, an appam pan, also known as an appam patra or appakara, is a specialized South Indian cookware designed for making appams, a traditional South Indian pancake. It features multiple small, round cavities arranged in a circular pattern. The key distinction is in its purpose: a standard pan serves a broad spectrum of cooking needs, while an appam pan is specifically crafted to create appams and similar South Indian delicacies. Its unique design enables the appams to take on their characteristic bowl-like shape with crispy edges and a soft center, making it ideal for preparing these regional specialties.


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