Best tools to help you lose weight in 2023

Best tools to help you lose weight in 2023
Looking for healthier and more delicious home-cooked meals to lose weight? Then the following tools are for you.


Regardless of whether you have just started or been a Weight Watcher for long, a healthy lifestyle has emotional, mental, and physical benefits that will help you feel and look wonderful. Food preparation, storage, heating methods, and even the utensils you use to cook can all alter your micronutrient status. So, presenting the kitchen tools that can be your favourite allies or side kicks as you marathon the process of losing weight. These high-quality kitchen tools simply help you by minimising fat consumption and maximising the flavour of the food. Please Note: We are not emphasising on “body image”. We believe every size and shape is beautiful. However, we also understand that weight gain comes with many health issues and we want to help you eliminate those hazards by helping you keep a track of your weight.



Table of Content

  1. How are losing weight and kitchen tools linked?
  2. What cookware or kitchen tools will help in losing weight?
  3. Recipes for calories deficit diet
  4. FAQs


1. How are losing weight and kitchen tools linked?

​​Everyone's body is unique, and that's fantastic! While weight reduction may not be the answer for everyone, it can help you feel your best (inside out). EATING HEALTHILY AND BEING ACTIVE ARE VITAL FOR YOUR HEALTH.


If you're ready to get started on your weight loss journey and make long-lasting changes to your lifestyle that will aid in the reduction of weight and maintenance of a healthy diet, we have got you covered! One of the most difficult challenges faced by individuals during their weight reduction mission is having access to nutritious food. Life is hectic, and no one has time to spend hours cooking nutritious meals. How can you solve this problem? The solution is to prepare and store your kitchen with the equipment needed to make losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle simple. It's also vital to have the appropriate tools on hand to create nutritious, satisfying, and delicious meals in place of processed and unhealthy foods.



2. What type of cookware or kitchen tools will help in losing weight?


1. Non-Stick Cookware :


Non-stick cookware has a modern aesthetic and is popular among today's kitchens. Food does not stick to non-stick pans because of the coating. Non-stick pans come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colours, making them ideal for every kitchen. Most importantly they let you cook without oil while still preserving nutrients in food.

Non-stick surfaces do not need to be greased with oil to prevent food from sticking. Extra calories are eliminated because of fat reduction, which improves health.

Non-stick pans are available at a wide range of prices and are suitable for everyone. They're constructed of a variety of metals, including aluminium and stainless steel, with non-stick surfaces that allow for long-term usage. High-quality materials ensure excellent performance.



Check out our wonderful non-stick cookware range here-



Meyer Non-Stick Cookware




    2. Storage Containers :


    In your kitchen, storage containers may be used for a variety of things. They're ideal for storing food that you don't want to eat in one sitting so you don't have to waste it. You can also utilise storage containers to separate your meals for later consumption. For example, Meyer Vacuum Containers.

    A revolutionary container with an in-built vacuum pump mechanism is now available to you. Simply press the pump a few times to remove extra air; then twist and turn the knob to seal it! The lack of oxygen inhibits mould and germ growth, ensuring that your food stays fresh for a long time. The container also maintains the moisture, juices, and taste of the food so you don't have to compromise on taste or health.


    Meyer Storage Containers



      3. Food Chopper or Grater:

      The more we learn about the food we eat, the more we want to choose healthier and faster solutions. So, if you look at options, you would find choppers and graters designed to help you prepare fresh food quickly and easily.

      With technology advanced chopping tools, you can quickly cut, slice, dice, or make fine coarse to your favourite fruits, vegetables, nuts, and more. You don't have to spend hours trying to put it into action or get a big food processor, plug in- plug out is not convenient every time. So, it is easy to use a Chopping or Grating device like Meyer Kitchen Hacks Master Chopper and Meyer 5 in 1 Grater with a container and Meyer 2 in 1 Dicer with a container.

      Food choppers and graters can help you eat better and cut out the fat. This will help you be more energetic. Because it is portable and does not require any hassle of electricity. You can use them at home, office or even on a road trip.



      Meyer Choppers and Graters



        Frequently Asked Questions


        1) How do I determine the quality of the cookware or tool?

        t's always a good idea to look at reviews of a product before you buy it. This way, you can see what other people thought about the product and whether it has any features that you're looking for. Plus, it's a great way to check if the product is made from non-toxic materials (coating, metal, grade of plastic etc.) and comes from a renowned brand that gives everything in black and white, like use and care, warranty card and proper packaging.

        2) Where do I keep so many essential kitchenware?

        Think about how much space each piece of kitchen hardware will use before you buy it. Assuming you are falling short on space and if you have too much stuff, your kitchen will be messy, and you won't be able to enjoy using them. You can think about purchasing sets or multipurpose tools.

        3) Where can I find "use and care" for such products?

        It's either inside the box or written on the packaging. Still, if you are unable to find you may contact Meyer customer service at

        4) How do you determine plastic choppers are safe to use?

        You should check if BPA-free is mentioned on the boxes, website, and packaging.


        Reducing your weight can be a difficult task, but it is not impossible. Start by making small changes and then stick to them. Do not give up, even if it is hard at times. A small change here and there in your diet and lifestyle may not be much of a difference, but it could make you want to give up unhealthy food habits. No matter what, our diet always affects the process. You can't just keep eating unhealthy food and expect to have a good physique. The key to weight loss is calorie deficit, which means you need to burn more calories than you consume. Therefore, eat fewer and burn more calories by being active. Over time this calorie deprivation will lead to weight loss.


        Recipes for calories deficit diet


        We have a list of delicious low-calorie meals to nourish your body and satiate your soul. These are healthy and easy to prepare meals that you can cook quickly and savour with utmost delight without going astray from your fitness goal.


        Check out our recipes here-


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