Delicious Homemade Baking Recipes For Christmas

Delicious Homemade Baking Recipes



Let baked goods and your baking shine like the bright star on the top of the Christmas tree. This Christmas, entice the taste buds of your loved ones with home-baked and healthy Christmas desserts. Therefore, to encourage and inspire you to don your cooking hat and help you embark on an exhilarating holiday baking session, we’ve rounded up the best Christmas desserts’ ideas- cupcakes, cookies, muffins- to try out this season! These are easy to bake, easy to store and a batch will makes for plenty to share. So, go on, this Christmas 2020, stay home, stay safe and celebrate the sweetness of your loved ones with treats that you will truly love to bake.


Chocolate Chip Cookies

Nothing can beat the absolute magic of the classic chocolate chip cookies. A favourite among every age group, these cookies carry whimsical beauty and a soothing nostalgia with them. Pair them with a cup of a pipping, creamy coffee or a glass of warm milk, and you are ready to beat any blues!
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Chocolate Chip Cake Cookies

A slightly cakier version of the regular chocolate chip cookies, these cookies blend the best of cakes & cookies- they are gooey as well as crispy; they have a soft centre and crispy crust!
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Chocolate Muffins

Simple and basic. These chocolate muffins are just what you need when you have got but a million things going during the holiday season. These gooey delights certainly are your big saviour when you want to bake batches or Christmas desserts without going or working overboard.
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Strawberry & White Chocolate Cookies

Or are you looking for chocolate less cookies infused rather with strawberry jam and white chocolate. Here’s a simple and elegant delight that is incredibly easy to bake, and will certainly meet the taste test of kids and adults alike. Even Santa will love to have these pretty cookies while he visits you to drop your Christmas gifts.
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Red Velvet Cupcake

Here’s a Christmas dessert that combines the best flavors of the holiday in one delicious bite. These cupcakes are perfect to celebrate festive flavors and holiday cheer with your friends and family. A winner in both taste and presentation, these Christmas cupcakes will certainly add oomph to your usual batch of Christmas desserts.
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Apple Crumble Muffin

A winter classic and a favourite Christmas delicacy, this delicious treat will certainly warm up your day! Served in the form of individual muffins, it features a sweet cookie base and a hearty stewed apple center.
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Mini Carrot Halwa Tartlets

Is it the regular “gajak ka halwa” or muffin or maybe perhaps cupcake? Bake it, try it and tell us! This Christmas, give a desi touch to your Christmas celebration with this one-of-a-kind muffin that combines everything you love together. This classic dessert, enriched with crispy and crumbled texture, is plated and served in the form of individual tartlets that will keep your palate mesmerised for long.
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