Gokhru - Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Gokhru - Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

The Gokhru also called Gokhshura and a few other plants are washed, then dried in the sun to create the gokhru powder. The combination is then separated, crushed into a powder, and exposed to direct sunshine.

Gokhru is excellent for bodybuilding, treating diuretic difficulties, PCOS, skin conditions, abnormalities of the prostate gland, and cardiac concerns. Both men and women can use it as an aphrodisiac to boost desire. Gokhru also enhances brain function and functions as an anti-aging agent. Gokhru comes in a variety of forms, including pills and powder.

About Gokhru:

About Gokhru:


Gokhru is made from the dried fruits of the Tribulus terrestris, a perennial plant that is indigenous to Southern Europe, Southern Asia, Southern Australia, and Southern Africa. Tribulus terrestris is known by the scientific name Tribulus terrestris. The host of active constituents, alkaloids, and phytosterols make this herb a powerful diuretic and aphrodisiac remedy. Gokhru is helpful for a variety of issues in addition to urinary issues, such as low water retention capacity, hair loss, rheumatic pain, neurological issues, headache, stress, obesity, menstruation, piles, bed wetting, and eye issues.


Gokhru is also known as Tribulus terrestris, a plant with a vast geographic distribution that only flourishes in arid climates where only a few other species can. In North America, it is regarded as an invasive species. Trikanta, or "puncture vine," is the name given to the fruit because it is covered in strong, sharp thorns that may puncture a bicycle tyre. Alkaloids and phytosterols, the herb's active ingredients, work together to potentially make it a potent diuretic. In addition to urinary difficulties, gokshura may be able to aid with hair loss, eye troubles, rheumatic pain, migraines, obesity, stress, piles, and bedwetting.


In cooler areas, the herbaceous perennial plant known as Gokhru grows in the summer. This plant may also survive in dry regions with insufficient soil. Australia, Africa, Southern Asia, and Southern Europe are some places where it may be found.


The Gokhru plant's stem often has flat spots and develops to a diameter of around 10 centimetres. The leaves are compound pinnate, and the stem branch is typically hairy. The length of the leaflets is around 3 mm.


Nutritional value of Gokhru:


Gokhru contains two alkaloids as well as a chemical compound. Ingestion of these alkaloids typically results in limb paresis in sheep. The dried leaf has an alkaloid concentration of around 44 mg/kg. In addition, a phytosterol called hecogenin is present in Gokhru.


Gokhru is recommended in Ayurveda for issues with hair regeneration and loss. Its capsules and tablets are beneficial for digestion and immunity. Gokhru pills, churna, and capsules are readily available at your neighbourhood stores. 

Health benefits of Gokhru

The top health advantages of ingesting Gokhru powder are listed below.


Gokhru can be utilised for muscle growth:


The minerals found in gokhru powder and tablets are good for bodybuilding and can enhance muscular strength and body composition.


Everyone is now obsessed with their body image, and the continual pressure to appear good can lead some individuals to extreme measures in an effort to sculpt their bodies in the way they desire.


Many guys who wish to bulk up their bodies choose steroid injections and medications to give their bodies an artificial boost. Gokhru and ashwagandha can be combined for bodybuilding in order to move to a natural source as this might be damaging in the long term.


Gokhru to treat frequent urination


Gokhru is extremely helpful in treating kidney stones and illnesses of the urinary tract. A person who regularly consumes Gokhru can readily recover from bladder issues and diuretic illnesses. Gokhru's diuretic properties are effectively exploited in several compositions.


It helps the bladder and urethra to become cleaner. This is due to the fact that Gokhru is rich in lithotriptic activity, which aids in controlling how the urinary system functions.


Gokhru as a stimulant

Different civilizations have utilized Gokhru powder as an aphrodisiac for millennia. Additionally, it encourages sperm and ovarian production. Gokhru should be taken by both men and women who struggle with infertility and desire to create a family.


In addition, it has been demonstrated to boost libido in both men and women. Gokhru also improves the amount and quality of sperm in males.


Gokhru to treat PCOS s

Gokhru consumption is particularly advantageous for PCOS sufferers since it helps to flush out extra water and reduce cyst size. Gokhru boosts exercise capacity, combats glucose intolerance, and also helps PCOS-affected women avoid or manage diabetes. Regular Gokhru intake might also help prevent unwanted weight gain.


Polycystic ovarian syndrome, or PCOS, affects a large percentage of females, particularly young adults and teenagers. It may result in erratic menstrual cycles, acne, hair loss, weight gain, mood fluctuations, etc.


Gokhru for radiant skin

In Ayurvedic medicine, Gokhru is often used to cleanse the skin from the inside out. Gokhru can be used by young adolescents or even adults who have acne and breakouts to get rid of them and stop them from happening again.


A terrible complexion can lead to low self-esteem and low levels of confidence; however, by regularly consuming Gokhru, this problem can be resolved. Additionally, it relieves burns, hives, itching, inflammatory skin conditions, and skin eruptions.


Gokhru has anti-aging properties.

Regularly taking Gokhru might make your skin seem younger and delay the symptoms of ageing. This often occurs as a result of increasing libido inside the body, which aids in overcoming any aging-related issues.


The everyday use of Gokhru might also help fight fine lines, wrinkles, and bodily ageing. It also improves a person's physical strength.


Gokhru to treat prostate gland issues

A great treatment for conditions affecting the prostate glands is Gokhru. Additionally, it treats infections or urinary issues brought on by problems with the prostate. The lower abdominal organs are revitalised and cleansed by it.


Gokhru helps in heart health

The heart's activity has been shown to be improved by Gokhru. It is excellent for treating cardiac conditions including angina and lowers the risk of heart attacks. Additionally, it lowers the body's cholesterol levels.


It has been demonstrated that Gokhru lowers blood pressure, hypertension, and sugar levels. The anti-tumor and anti-biotic characteristics make this feasible.


Gokhru enhances mental function

Because Gokhru powder contains MOA inhibitors, it controls serotonin levels. A hormone called serotonin affects both mental and emotional emotions. Regular use of Gokhru churna has been shown to be an excellent treatment for Parkinson's disease, psychological imbalances, headache relief, and stress reduction.


How to consumer Gokhru

You can take in five different ways:

Gokshura Churna 

Gokshuradi Churna

Gokshura Tablets

Gokshura Capsules

Gokshuradi Kwath



Precautions to be taken while taking Gokhru or Gokshura


  • Gokshura usage during pregnancy may be detrimental if you are nursing a baby. It can be detrimental to the baby's growth. Consuming gokshura while expecting or breastfeeding is not advised.
  • Prostate concerns, such as benign prostate hypertrophy (BPH) or prostate cancer, may be made worse by gokshura. Preliminary research suggests that gokshura can increase prostatic weight.
  • Gokshura has been demonstrated to reduce blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. As a result, the dosage of diabetic medications may need to be changed by the doctor.
  • Gokshura may cause blood sugar levels to change during surgery. Controlling blood sugar as a result might be challenging both before and after surgery. Gokshura should be stopped at least two weeks before surgery as a consequence.



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