Versatile Utensils for Diwali Purchase & Gifting

The countdown for the festival of lights has begun! There’s excitement everywhere with people planning and preparing to replace the woes of their lives with wonders and to seek Hindu Goddess Maa Lakshmi blessings.

This is also the time when you buy utensils to herald prosperity in your home and also exchange gifts with your friends and family. The gifts are shared with the intent of lighting up the mood of our loved ones. Thus, it is imperative that you send a gift that will be truly loved and valued by your friends and family. 

Here are some of the best cookware products from our much-loved global cookware leader Meyer, that you can buy for your kitchen or gift your loved ones with confidence to enhance the joy of celebration.


1. Kitchen Hacks: Kadai
USP: Stackable set with unique interlocking handle design

This set of 3 ‘everyday use Kadais’ is a smart and ingenious solution for a modern kitchen! The set features nesting design that allows you to stack together the three kadais into a small footprint, thus, easily cutting down the cabinet clutter while covering all your basic cooking requirements during the festive season as well as afterwards. This set includes three kadais of three different sizes- 22cm, 26cm, 30cm- to help you prepare meals of different proportions. It has a fully encapsulated friction bonded base with aluminium core that allows even heat distribution, preventing hot-spots and promoting uniform cooking.

2. Non-Stick Tawas
USP: Non reactive, non-stick tawas with “stay cool” handle

The perfect blend of premium coating, functional design, easy clean-up and aesthetic appearance gives Meyer Non-Stick Tawas an unprecedented edge, making them a must-have kitchen essential! The tawas feature non-stick coating from Whitford (USA) that will help you enjoy a hassle free and safe cooking experience. You can use these tawas to cook your everyday meals like roti, chapati, paratha, dosa, phulka, naan, chilla, pita, and pesarattu by using minimal or no oil.

3. Meyer Salad Chef
USP: Easy-to-use hand-held automatic mixing unit to emulsify dressings in a few seconds

Salad helps you feel fuller, eat less, and ultimately lose weight. However, a good salad can essentially go bad if you pour calorie-rich dressings. This festive season, prepare the healthiest and tastiest salad dressing using our Salad Chef. This is your go to tool to make boring salads bygone and concoct restaurant-like delicious dressings to uplift the flavour of your salad at your home! Meyer Salad Chef is perfect to mix, serve and store dressing, sauces, dips and marinades. This dressing maker is also perfect for other liquid condiments.

4. Stainless Steel Knives
USP: Sturdy stainless steel blade designed for intricate cutting

This Diwali get our all-purpose stainless steel knife that gives you more dexterity and precision in cutting, peeling, mincing and dicing fruits and vegetables. With this premium, razor sharp and 100% safe material, you will certainly have a smooth chopping and food prep experience that will simplify your cooking always. The knife features a stainless steel blade that has high resistance to rusting, chipping, staining and corrosion. This easily will be the best kitchen investment this festive season.

5. Casserole
USP: 3 perforated stainless-steel trays for 360 degrees steaming and 100% healthy cooking

This festive season, say no to chaos and experience the excellence of stepped based steamer with three detachable components that can be used separately as well as together. From cooking to steaming and sautéing, the versatile steamer is perfect to switch to a healthy and hassle-free cooking! All components nest together saving storage space and eliminating clutter from your kitchen cabinets. Steamer is Ideal for steaming and stewing multiple dishes at the same time; you can easily make one full meal 3X times faster here!

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