Health Benefits Of Cooking In Ceramic Cookware

Health Benefits Of Cooking In Ceramic Cookware



The best ceramic cookware range that you can completely trust for safety, durability and versatility.

The safest cookware in India is here to help you cook delicious meals for your friends and family. Meyer, a brand that works relentlessly to offer its customers the best cookware products, has launched its green “eco-friendly” product range- Anzen. The ceramic cookware range is made of pure aluminium to propel high heat conductivity and has a thin ceramic layer on top to give the cookware non-stick like properties   . 

Ceramic cookware is different from other cookware materials in terms of built, uses and heat conductivity.

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Difference between Ceramic & other cookware:


Stainless steel Vs ceramic cookware The primary difference between a ceramic and stainless steel cookware is its cookware surface- one is non stick and the other is not. Further, a high-quality ceramic pan has a non-stick cooking surface that promotes easy food release and effortless cleaning. Therefore, if you are cooking in a stainless steel pan, you have to use more oil in compared to ceramic pots and pans.
Cast iron Vs ceramic cookware While cast iron cookware is reactive with acidic foods like tomatoes, ceramic cookware is much less reactive. You also need to season cast iron cookware to obtain a non-stick surface whereas ceramic cookware already has a non-stick cooking surface. Cast iron tends to rust if you expose it to water, however, ceramic cookware is easy to maintain.
Uncoated Aluminium Vs ceramic cookware An uncoated aluminium cookware might leach aluminium into your food that may cause health hazards. You are also recommended to not use an uncoated aluminium on extreme high heat as it is a good conductor of heat and the high temperature may burn your pan as well as over cook the food.



Advantages of ceramic cookware

Benefits of using ceramic cookware are many. Here’s rounding up the major advantages of ceramic cookware and why you should purchase it.

1. Toxic Free
Ceramic cookware doesn’t include toxic chemicals like PFOA, PTFE, Lead, Cadmium, PFAS, any synthetic coating or any heavy metals; it is made from only natural minerals. It is non-reactive and can handle highly acidic foods without absorbing taste and odour or staining the cookware. Since there is no chemical to leech into your food, your cookware is 100% safe!
2. As good as good as non-stick
It uses a ceramic gel made from silicone and oxygen which gives you a stick resistant cooking surface. Thus, you can derive the same comfort and pleasure you get from cooking in any non-stick coating. Use minimal oil and reap maximum benefits.
3. Beautiful to look at, gorgeous to cook!
The aesthetic appearance of the ceramic cookware is unmatchable. It instantly uplifts the look of your kitchen as well as table. From a cooktop to your dining table, this cookware will beautifully serve your purpose of cooking and serving.
4. More efficient heat transfer
The thick body construction of a ceramic cookware makes heat transfer quick, even and efficient, which means you use less fuel and energy to cook your food.
5. Heat resistant
Its ability to withstand high heat when compared to other cookware materials give it the upper hand. Ceramic cookware can endure heat upto 400- 450 degree Celsius. Therefore, it is perfect for searing meats and vegetables that require high temperature.
6. Lightweight
The combination of the aluminium base and the ceramic coating makes this pan lightweight in comparison to cast iron cookware.
7. Easy Clean up
Clean up is a breeze as the glossy non-stick surface prevents food from sticking, so you can easily wipe away any residue.
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We believe it is the perfect option or alternative for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefit of cooking in a naturally nonstick cookware. You don’t have to season it like a cast iron cookware or be worried about harmful chemicals and toxins permeating into your food. It’s lightweight, looks truly elegant and helps you enjoy a seamless cooking experience.
Thus, whether you want to say happy birthday mom or want to switch to a healthy lifestyle, a high-quality ceramic cookware will befit all occasions and objectives.For more information read the article Click here.
Final Verdict: Just go for it! Don’t forget to share your experience with us. 

Before you go, here are some frequently asked questions about ceramic cookware. We hope this will help you resolve all confusions:

Is ceramic cookware made of clay?
No. They’re actually metal cookware with a finish that uses silicon to prevent sticking. The coating is made of sand and has a slick, glossy surface that gives it the name ceramic.
Can you put ceramic cookware on high heat?
Yes. However, as a general guideline, food should be cooked in medium-high temperatures to preserve the nutrition and also prolong the life of any pan.
Can they be used in the oven?
Depends on the handles. 

Is a scratched or chipped ceramic pan safe to use? 
If the underlying metal is either Aluminium or stainless steel, then it is considered safe.


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