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Healthy Eating Starts with Healthy Cookware - Cast Iron Cookware Health Benefits

Healthy Eating Starts with Healthy Cookware - Cast Iron Cookware Health Benefits



Table of Content

  1. Cast Iron is preferred Natural Cookware.
  2. Cooking in Cast Iron is a healthier option.
  3. Cooking Tasty and well-cooked meal
  4. Cast Iron is a Hygienic, easy to clean
  5. Versatility of Cast Iron
  6. FAQs on Cast Iron



1. Cast Iron is preferred Natural Cookware.


​​Non-stick pans have earned a poor reputation due to the notion that it may leach hazardous chemicals into your food. PFOA is a hazardous substance that has been linked to cancer. Cast iron pots and pans are made from pure iron material especially companies like Meyer maintains high quality, in fact Meyer is known to be a pioneer in Cast Iron cookware which can be made non-stick with proper seasoning without the coating, so no harmful chemicals involved in making or cooking process.  



2. Cooking in Cast Iron is a healthier option.


​​When cooking with the correctly seasoned iron pans you will observe that your cookware behaves like a perfect non-stick. Are you looking to live a healthier lifestyle? You might be adding more oil and fat to your diet if you're trying to cook with non-coated cookware that has no harmful chemicals. Unfortunately, a tablespoon of any regular vegetable oil could be more than 100 calories. Season your iron pan with patina to create a non-stick surface that is healthier for you than using oil or butter. This will also save you from having to ingest extra calories just to keep your food from sticking.



3. Cooking Tasty and well-cooked meal


​​Imagine crispy paratha, crunchy dosa, mouth-watering gravies. Taking time to prepare and enjoy homemade meals instead of eating out is one of the most effective things you can do for improving your overall health and immunity. Many studies have shown that people who eat freshly prepared cuisine are healthier, which makes it a no-brainer to prepare at home since you will be eating better. Cast offers you heat emissivity which can cook food not just from the outside but inside too which means you cook properly cooked meals with nothing raw or anything which can cause you to lose your appetite.



4. Cast Iron is a Hygienic, easy to clean


​​If you properly season your iron pan or skillet, it can be cleaned with a dry paper towel and then used again. Some people like to use kosher or sea salt and water to clean out any food particles or smells after each usage. Hygiene is the top priority for anyone who cares for their family so if you have well cleaned cookware, no grime, no food residue you will have minimal chances of getting sick due to a cookware. So, cast iron can be cleaned easily and you don’t have to use harsh detergent which may contain unsafe chemicals, even if there is a scorched pan you simply scrub it then seasoning it again can restore the non-stick like surface.



5. Versatility of Cast Iron:


Searing Not only will a piece of meat or chicken thigh or paneer remain juicy, but it will also have a delicious, caramelised exterior. You may want to use a grill pan if you're looking for those traditional barbecue grill marks.
Frying Not only does this work wonders for pan-fried fish fillets, but your deep-fried chicken will also come out a beautiful golden brown. Super tasty fritters and puris are so amazing.
Slow Cooking A Dutch oven/sauteuse is a great option for slow cooking because cast iron heats up slowly and can be maintained at a low temperature.
Roasting You don't need a fancy roasting pan to make a delicious roast chicken. A skillet or Dutch oven will do the trick just as well.
Baking Pizza is the first thing that comes to mind, but lasagne, other pasta, desserts, and bread also come out great.




5. FAQs Cast Iron Cookware


What are various cooktops cast can be used on?

The answer is many, Gas, Electric hobs, electric coils, Induction etc. Even on wood fires, like campfires or hot coals while grilling.



Does the handle get hot?

Yes, made from the casting process it generally does not have attached handle(s).



Can I cook acidic food?

Highly acidic ingredients used as a primary one is not suggested, like pouring tomato sauce or puree. Vinegar or tamarind base for any gravy. It can affect the seasoning and taste.



How many rounds of seasoning?

Seasoning is a process which is achieved by smoking out the oil to get a thin layer of Patina, which can be damaged if washed with harsh detergent or abrasive scouring pads. So, it would depend on the condition of the cookware.



Do visit Pots and and browse through the beautiful, wide range of cast iron cookware. Surely your search for the best Cast Iron Cookware will end here. It’s a beautiful blend of modern technology and aesthetic designing.  


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