How to Clean and Care for Enameled Cast Iron?

How to Clean and Care for Enameled Cast Iron?
Master the art of cleaning your enameled cast iron to retain its original beauty



Enameled cast iron cookware stands the test of time. These pieces are as durable and timeless as cast iron, but the enamel coating makes them non-stick and easier to clean. It is important to learn how to clean and care for this cookware, as it will help it last for decades. While most enameled cast iron cookware is technically dishwasher-safe, if you want it to last for as long as possible, hand-washing is best.


Table of Content

  1. What is Enameled Cast Iron?
  2. Is Enameled Cast Iron safe?
  3. Quick Tips for Cooking in Enameled Cast Iron
  4. How to Clean and Care for Enameled Cast Iron?
  5. Conclusion



1. What is Enameled Cast Iron?


Enameled cast iron is cast iron that has a vitreous enamel glaze applied to the surface. The fusion of the glaze with the cast iron prevents rusting, eliminates the need to season the metal, and allows more thorough cleaning. Enameled cast iron is excellent for slow cooking and drawing flavor from foods.



2. Is Enameled Cast Iron safe?


When it comes to enameled cast iron vs cast iron, an enamel coating on your kitchenware is no less safe than its raw counterpart. In fact, it's positively safe to cook with and is in no way dangerous, at all. Enamel forms a stable coating, and even at high temperatures, the protective layer won't break down and cause any harm. Enamel also won't react with the food you're cooking in any hazardous ways, making it a safe choice for your family kitchen.



3. Quick Tips for Cooking in Enameled Cast Iron


  1. Use enameled cast iron on any cooktop or oven.
  2. Enameled cast iron cookware can be used on all kitchen stovetops, and it's oven safe to 500 degrees F.
  3. For a better cooking experience and easier cleanup, use oil or cooking spray.
  4. Use on low to medium heat.
  5. For best results, add water or oil when heating.


4. How to Clean and Care for Enameled Cast Iron?

  1.  Allow cookware to cool.
  2.  Although enameled cast iron is dishwasher safe, hand washing with warm soapy water and a nylon scrub brush is recommended to preserve the cookware’s original appearance. Citrus juices and citrus-based cleaners (including some dishwasher detergents) should not be used, as they can dull the exterior gloss. If necessary, use nylon pads or scrapers to remove food residue; metal pads or utensils will scratch or chip porcelain.
  3. Always dry cookware thoroughly and replace pot protectors between the rim and lid before storing it in a cool, dry place. Do not stack cookware.

Please Note : A small amount of staining is to be expected with enameled cookware however it does not affect performance.


    To remove Slight Stains  For Persistent Stains
    1. Follow the steps above to clean your cookware.
    2. Rub with a dampened cloth and Lodge Enamel Cleaner or another ceramic cleaner according to directions on the bottle.
    1. Follow the steps above to clean and remove slight stains.
    2. Soak the interior of the cookware for 2-3 hours with a mixture of 3 tablespoons of household bleach per quart of water.
    3. To remove stubborn, baked-on food, boil 2 cups of water and 4 tablespoons of baking soda. Boil for a few minutes, then use a pan scraper to loosen the food.




    5. Conclusion :


    Cooking on an enameled cast iron is seamless because you get all of the heat retention and performance of cast iron without the need to constantly season or avoid water and moisture like in a traditional cast iron. It is sealed in multiple coats of enamel to prevent any corrosion or pitting or other damage from exposure to moisture and oxygen. In short, enameled cast iron cookware provide form and function with pieces that will spark joy every time you reach for them and will allow you to effortlessly create perfect dishes every time.

    Hence, with the above-mentioned tips and advice, your enameled cast iron will remain an indispensable tool in your kitchen for years and even generations.


    You can refer to the below blog for the comparison between Cast Iron and Enameled Cast Iron


    Cast Iron v/s Enameled Cast Iron 


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