How Is Cast Iron Cookware Made?

How Is Cast Iron Cookware Made?
Everything you need and want to learn about cast iron cookware

With cast iron cookware making a comeback to the Indian kitchen we are sure you want to know how cast-iron skillets are made? Well, you do not have to search anywhere as we give you the answer right here.



Table of Content

  1. What is Cast Iron?
  2. How are cast iron pots and pans made?
  3. What are the benefits of cast iron cookware?
  4. What cast iron cookware to buy?
  5. Basic Dos & Don’ts with Cast Iron cookware:



What is Cast Iron?


​​Cast iron is a term that describes a family of metal alloys, which has iron as the primary alloying element. Though many people assume that cast iron is completely made of iron, this is not true. In fact, cast iron gets its name from its manufacturing process where iron ore is heated in a furnace until it becomes molten in order to make cast iron.


How are Cast Iron pots and pans made?


​​The process starts with melting blocks of iron and steel in a 2800°F furnace. This mixture takes around 15 minutes to melt into molten iron. Once the mixture is molted, vermiculite is added as a bonding agent to help remove impurities.
Once this is done, the molten cast iron is then poured between two sand molds and this is what gives the cookware its distinctive shape. Once the cookware takes shape, it is tumbled and shaken so that the molding sand gets separated from it. The pot or pan is then shot blasted with a fine steel shot which helps in removing any residual molding sand on it.

The cast-iron cookware is then grounded, polished, rinsed and dried with a steam dryer. The dried utensil is ready to be seasoned with the help of electrostatic spray guns that use vegetable or soy oil. After the spray is done, the cast iron cookware is transferred to a high-temperature oven which sets in the seasoning and gives your cast iron cookware that very distinctive black patina look.


What are the benefits of cast iron cookware?


​​1. Cookware made of cast iron is great for recipes that need to be cooked on the stove as well as baked in the oven. You can easily use the same cookware at both the places.

​​2. You can turn your cast iron cookware into a naturally non-toxic cookware by seasoning them frequently.

​​3. They don’t have chemicals or toxins that are commonly associated with cheap non-stick cookware.

​​4. Cast iron cookware can be used for searing and browning food because of their high heat tolerance.

​​5. Cast iron cookware are potential heirlooms as they are extremely durable and can be passed from one generation to another.

​​6. You can restore any cast iron cookware (unless they are broken) with thorough cleaning and seasoning




What Cast Iron cookware to buy?


​​Meyer Cast iron cookware has just enough 'smart' innovation to make them more functional while remaining true to tradition.

​​Bake in it, Fry in it, BBQ in it. The Meyer cast iron cookware is suitable for cooking in: induction, campfire, grill, oven, & more. What’s more- Every product in the Meyer cast iron cookware range comes pre-seasoned right out of the box, something a newbie to cast iron will truly appreciate. Just give your new cast iron skillet a good wash with hot water and a little soap and you are ready to cook up a storm.

​​Meyer Cast Iron cookware has been praised by chefs and professional testers for their excellent pre-seasoning right out of the box! Extensive tips on maintaining and building seasoning are found on the packaging.



Basic Dos & Don’ts with Cast Iron cookware:


​​1: Seasoning: Seasoning is the most essential part of a cast iron cookware. Don’t skip it. Find more about seasoning here.

​​2: Cooking accessories: : Use gentle accessories- spatula, turner, ladle- made from wood, silicone, and rubber to stir and cook food. Avoid metal utensils.

​​3: Food storing: Don’t store food here as liquid tends to rust the cookware.

​​4: Maintenance: Clean the pan right away and dry it before storing to avoid rusting. Don’t soak it in water for long.




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