Indian Borage: Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Indian Borage: Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

The skill of employing plants for various purposes has been well-documented in Ayurveda. Certain phytochemicals found in plants are what give them their therapeutic effects. Among them, Indian borage, sometimes referred to as Mexican mint, has a wide range of health advantages, including the capacity to enhance skin, cleanse the body, protect against cough and cold, lessen joint discomfort, lessen stress, and promote digestion.


What is Indian borage?


Indian borage, also known as Mexican Mint, Spanish thyme, and country borage, is a little, green perennial plant that smells like Cuban oregano. The cultivation of this advantageous herb has expanded to other tropical regions throughout the world with acceptable growth circumstances, despite the fact that it is native to sections of southern and eastern Africa due to the demand for it. Plectranthus amboinicus, the plant's scientific name, is a particularly hardy kind that grows quickly, needs little water, and can even flourish in colder climates. 

Plant description of Indian borage:


Indian Borage is a spreading, slightly succulent, scented, evergreen perennial herb that, in the wild, can reach heights of up to 1 m (3.3 ft) and widths of even more. The plant grows along roadsides, in waste areas, along river banks, in coastal or woodland vegetation, on rocky slopes, loamy or sandy flats. In sandy, loamy, or rocky soil, it is known to thrive. The species can tolerate some shade and favours fertile, well-drained soils in locations that receive some shade. The plant's root is fibrous. Usually, old stems are smooth. This sprawling, enormous succulent plant is juicy and incredibly fragrant.


Indian borage use:


The most sought-after components of Indian borage are its leaves.


  1. They are excellent for adding flavour to meat and vegetable dishes, and the dried leaves can be ground up and used as a herb in soups, stews, and other foods.
  2. While it is possible to extract essential oils from the leaves, they are most frequently utilised in their whole or powdered form and can have some effects when eaten or applied directly to the skin.
  3. Researchers have proposed that it may be employed in nutraceuticals since it contains strong phenolics like rosmarinic acid and caffeic acid.


Health benefits of Indian borage:


  1. Relief from Respiratory Issues:
    You can chew on the leaves of Indian borage or prepare tea from them to cure cough, sore throat, or stuffy nose. The herb's constituents operate as a strong expectorant, cleaning your sinuses and eliminating mucus and phlegm from your respiratory tracts. The immune system may benefit from this as well.

    Infections of the urinary system can be treated using the extract made from the leaves, which also helps to cure vaginal discharges and lessen infections. It is a typical treatment in India because it helps the kidneys function properly.

  2. Reduce arthritis:
     Indian borage leaf's omega-6 fatty acids are known to be beneficial for arthritis. Eat this leaf, athletes are frequently told, to prevent osteoporosis.

  3. Improves skin condition:
    The use of Indian borage as a skin treatment is one of its most well-liked uses. Insect bites and stings, eczema, and psoriasis can all benefit from the anti-inflammatory properties of Indian borage, which can quickly reduce redness, swelling, itching, and inflammation. Gamma-linoleic acid is present and helps to reduce inflammation, dermatitis, allergies, and pain in the skin.

  4. Cardiovascular Health: 
    Recent research has also shown the herb's effectiveness in maintaining cardiovascular health. Additionally, it helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

  5. Treats diseases and allergies:
    Additionally, the juice helps ease irritation brought on by allergic skin reactions.

  6. Packed with Vitamins A and C: 
    One of the less well-known properties of Indian borage is that certain of its chemical components and minerals have a mildly drowsy effect. Folk medicine has utilised it as a herbal treatment for those with excessive anxiety or chronic stress, particularly in the form of tea, to promote relaxation, serenity, and sound sleep.

  7. Anti-cancer Potential: 
    It has been demonstrated that this plant's extract possesses antiplatelet aggregation and anti-cancer cell growth capabilities.

  8. Relieves Fever: 
    Indian Borage is also used to treat fever, one of the most typical signs of the flu or a cold. As a sudorific herb, Indian Borage causes sweating, which helps to remove impurities from the skin and hastens the healing process. Additionally, it is applied to a range of sensory problems.


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