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10 Nutrition Rich Food to Keep Yourself Warm in Winters

The nights are longer, and the days are foggy and extremely chilly. Plans to go out are forsaken for the cozy comfort of your blankets. Yes, it is winter.  And nothing says winter more than a warm, fuss-free meal! Because when the temperature falls, everyone starts looking for quick winter dinner recipes that can be rustled without any ado and help you stay healthy in winter.


We have accumulated the best soups, stews and one pot meals to help you stay healthy and warm during the chilly days and nights. These winter-inspired meals are nourishing, filling and above all easy to prepare. The delicious flavours will satiate your palate and the nourishing ingredients help you sail through the winter like a pro!


During the winter season, we need extra protection of superfoods to fight bacteria-borne disease and also to strengthen our immunity. So, here’s the list of some ingredients that are imperative to add to your winter recipes.


  1. Tulsi: A magical herb that is found in almost every home; can be used in multiple ways to boost your immunity in winter .
  1. Honey: A tasty and easily available way to combat cold and flu in winter.
  1. Ginger: A common ingredient in recipes, a staple in every Indian kitchen and a spice filled with multiple health benefits, ginger is high on medicinal properties.
  1. Cinnamon: A popular spice that is loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.
  1. Sesame seeds: An excellent source of several nutrients including manganese and calcium that are important for our immune system.


Now that you know what you should add to your meals, here are some easy and best winter recipes that you can prepare at your home. So, get ready to burrow some cozy winter dinner ideas laden with goodness and gourmet flavours.


1.Chicken Soup

Say hello to a warm and wondrous winter with this delicious chicken soup. Made using an assortment of ingredients, including ginger, this recipe is perfect for those cold, chilly nights.

Find the recipe here- Click here


2.Lamb Hot Basil

A classic Thai recipe that can be prepared in only 30 minutes. Regular basil leaves have been used to enhance the flavour of this dish and make it worthy as your winter meal.

Get the recipe of this nutritious and tasty winter recipe here- Click here


3.Broccoli And Spinach Soup

A vibrant green, hearty and warm winter soup that is perfectly suited for a cold evening. This also works perfect as a meal replacement for people who want to follow a low carb diet.

Get complete recipe here- Click here


4.Lentil And Vermicelli Stew

A healthy, hearty stew perfect to combat the chilly weather as well as all kinds of winter illness. This recipe borrows the concept of ever-popular khichdi but replaces rice with vermicelli and also uses plenty of vegetables and flavourings for that extra punch.

Get the recipe here- Click here


5.Carrot And Ginger Soup

The best comforting winter recipe that beautifully combines the sweet flavour of carrot and the warmth of ginger. With thick consistency and radiant hue, this recipe is perfect for every age group. Pair it up with toasted bread and enjoy a laid back dinner at your home.

Get the recipe here- Click here



6.Beetroot And Sesame Potato Tikki

A small bright red patty with a crispy poppy seed crust and a cheesy center. A great option that will be loved and lapped up by kids and adults alike.

Get the recipe of this scrumptious snack here- Click here


7.Chickpea And Sesame Burger

Craving for some burgers? Don’t depend on takeaways, follow the easy steps and prepare this scrumptious treat for yourself and your loved ones. This is your protein-rich healthy recipe to curb the fast-food cravings at home.

Get this complete recipe here- Click here


8.Sesame And Quinoa Lettuce Wraps

This winter enjoy fancy dining experience at your home. A recipe that is easy to cook, elegant to look at and healthy to savour. This plant-based recipe takes only 15 minutes to prepare.

Get this complete recipe here- Click here


9.Steamed Ginger Soy Fish

A perfect winter dish that is minus oil and full of nutrients. Highly nutritious and supremely delicious, this recipe is a complete meal that you can enjoy as lunch as well as dinner.

Get the complete recipe here- Click here

10.Homemade Thai Curry Noodle Bowl

Your bowl of goodness topped with exquisite flavour and nutritious ingredients. Quick to throw together and packed with essential nutrients to stay healthy in winter, this recipe will certainly get your thumbs up.

Get the complete recipe here- Click here



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