Chicken Soup

Ever wanted to have the taste of the perfect restaurant style chicken soup in the comfort of your home? Something to give you a break from the chilly winds? A classic chicken soup can be a remedy for any mood, and can give you the warmth and flavour that you desire.


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What is Chicken Soup?

Chicken is cooked in water to make chicken soup, which is typically combined with other ingredients. The traditional chicken soup is made with a clear chicken broth and frequently includes chicken or vegetable pieces. Pasta, noodles, dumplings, or grains like rice and barley are also frequently added.


Quick and Easy Chicken Soup

Restaurant quality chicken soup is something no one can ignore, and if you have a recipe that can help you make it at home it's something of a delight in itself. Made in the way of an authentic chicken stock, this recipe can’t be challenged for its originality. Make this amazing recipe and find out if it's worth showing off.


How to make Chicken Soup?

1) Start by boiling the bones in a stainless steel milk pan for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes remove the scum aside from the top and take the chicken out of the pan. Wash the bones again to remove all the dirt and scum.
Chicken Soup

2) In a ceramic sauteuse drizzle some olive oil. Add the blanched bones into the pan and roast them for 10 minutes until they turn golden brown.
Chicken Soup

3) In a saucepan add 1.5 litres of water, add the browned bones, quartered onions, garlic cloves and ginger juliennes and green chilli, also add all the whole spices to the water.
Chicken Soup

4) Bring the liquid to a boil and simmer it for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes add another litre of water, to that add a bunch of coriander stems and simmer for another 20 minutes.
Chicken Soup

5) After 20 minutes remove all the bones and strain the stock. Clean the saucepan, melt some ghee and add chopped garlic to it, till it turns dark brown. Add the strained chicken stock to the pot and some milk into it.
Chicken Soup

6) Season it with salt and pepper and finish the soup off with some chopped coriander leaves. Serve the soup in a deep bowl or a shallow glass and garnish it with some cold butter cubes.

Chicken Soup


Expert Tips

  1. The first boil is a long blanch which is necessary to remove all the impurities from the chicken.
  2. All the flavours and aromatics need to be added at the second boil.
  3. If you want a more rich soup you can also add some heavy cream in the end. 


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