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Lemon Balm Tea - Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Lemon Balm Tea  - Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

A hot cup of lemon balm tea is energising and delightfully cooling. If you already enjoy drinking tea, this soothing mixture will enhance your tea experience. It might assist you in rewiring your brain and possibly come up with remedies to their job wants. Others, however, could look forward to it as soon as they get out of bed.


Even on your busiest days, lemon balm tea is the ideal beverage for some much-needed "me time"! This tea offers a plethora of health advantages in addition to serving as a delightful treat.



Lemon balm tea, also known as Melissa tea, is a well-liked herbal cure. The flavour of this tea is moderate and smooth, with undertones of lemon and mint. This tea is a go-to for treating diseases thanks to its delectable flavour and significant health benefits.


Lemon balm tea is simple to make using fresh leaves from your own garden.


What is lemon balm tea?


The leaves of the lemon balm plant, Melissa officinalis in botanical terms, are used to make lemon balm tea. The lemon balm plant, also known as balm mint or common balm, is a member of the mint family. The plant is indigenous to Asia, the Middle East, and southern Europe along the Mediterranean. It is now frequently cultivated in North and South America, where it is a well-liked garden plant.


Herbal medications commonly contain the leaves of the lemon balm plant. The tea has traditionally been used to cure digestive issues as well as discomfort, such as headaches and menstrual cramps. In addition to having a slight relaxing effect, lemon balm tea is a wonderful alternative for those who have trouble falling asleep or who want a tea to drink before bed.


How does lemon balm tea taste?

The flavour of lemon balm tea has a tinge of sweetness and lemon. An herbal aroma completes the flavour profile, and the combination of sour and sweetness gives it a distinctive taste. Honey and a slice of lemon go well with the mild, lemony mint flavour.


Health benefits of lemon balm tea:


  1. Reduces stress

A tea made with lemon balm as an ingredient could aid you at these moments to clear your mind and help you reason your ideas much better. You may frequently feel worried and overwhelmed when reaching daily goals and overcoming every obstacle life throws your way. According to some reports, drinking lemon balm tea can ease anxiety, sharpen the mind, and promote relaxation.


  1. Reduces anxiety

You can lessen your worry, anxiousness, and excitement by drinking lemon balm tea. Do you have anxiety before presentations or crucial phone calls? Having a cup of lemon balm tea at such times may help you to relax and get rid of the jitters.



3. Improves mental capacity

Drinking lemon balm tea regularly can improve your cognitive abilities and mental toughness.


  1. Encourages sleep

Lemon balm and valerian have a slight calming effect that helps with sleep promotion. Individuals with insomnia frequently experience symptoms including restlessness and anger. Lemon balm tea is beneficial for those who complain of stress-related sleep difficulties and also aids in mind relaxation.


Studies show that the combination of valerian and lemon balm helps youngsters sleep better and feel less restless. So drinking a cup of lemon balm tea before bed would aid in getting a good night's rest.


How to make lemon balm tea?



1 tablespoon of dried lemon balm leaves (or two tablespoons fresh leaves)

1 glass of water

Honey or sugar (optional)



  1. Fill a standard-sized teacup with the fresh herbs after placing them in a tea strainer or tea ball.


  1. Boil water in a big pot or temperature-controlled kettle on the stove.


  1. Fill the teacup with boiling water and steep the lemon balm leaves for five to ten minutes.


  1. Take away the tea strainer and,


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