Longan Fruit – Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Longan Fruit – Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Longan is sometimes called a berry and sometimes a nut, but it is neither. Instead, it is a lychee-related fruit. On trees, longans grow in groups. The fruit is about the size of a large grape and has a round shape. Under the hard, tan shell, you'll find a dark seed surrounded by white flesh. The name "dragon's eye" comes from the shape of this building. The flesh of a longan fruit tastes and feels like that of a grape, but it also has a hint of musk.


What is longan fruit?

Dimocarpus Longan, also called longan fruit, is an exotic fruit with white flesh that comes from the soapberry family. People know that it looks like lychee fruit. Longan tastes good in puddings, sorbets, smoothies, salads, and jellies. To eat a longan, all you have to do is peel off its hard shell. When you take the shell off a longan, it looks like an eyeball and tastes like grapes. The white flesh and black seed look like a pupil. So, dragon eye fruit is another name for it.



Can you eat longan seeds? 

It is not a good idea to eat longan seeds. So, if you want to eat longan, remember to take out the seeds first. Longan is native to Southeast Asia, and Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, and China all grow a lot of it. They can be turned into extracts or essential oil. It's also important to note that longan fruit is used in traditional Chinese medicine in a big way.



Longan Vs lychee fruit:

Longan and lychee are summer tropical fruits. You could even say that they are close relatives in the family of fruits. Once the skin is off, both fruits have white flesh around a big seed. But lychee is bigger than longan fruit. It has skin that is much smoother, tougher, and darker. Because of this, you should peel it off before eating it. The outside of a lychee is pink and bumpy, making it feel rough.

Longan fruit tastes like skunk, while lychee tastes like flowers. Getting fresh longans is not as easy as getting fresh lychees. Most grocery stores sell them frozen, canned, or dried. In other words, it's not easy to find fresh varieties of this fruit.



Health benefits of longan fruit: 

  1. Sharpens memory

The longan fruit itself is nootropic. It means that the fruit extract makes your mind and memory work better. Longan fruit tonic is used to treat anxiety in traditional Chinese medicine.


According to a study, eating longan fruit may be good for the brain. Because longan affects a part of the brain that helps with remembering things. So, it helps lessen the chance of getting Alzheimer's.


  1. Improves skin

Because they have a lot of vitamin C, longan fruits can reverse the signs of getting older. It gets rid of dark spots, spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. Collagen is also made with the help of this fruit. Because of this, it makes it easier for new skin cells to form. It keeps the skin healthy in this way.


A study backs up the claim that the vitamin C in longans helps protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals. So, longan is good for the health of your skin. For example, it reduces how much the skin cracks and peels. It also makes the skin less dry and keeps it looking young.


  1. Helps you sleep better

Most people have trouble sleeping these days because their lives are so busy. Because it calms anxiety, longan may be the medicine you're looking for. The extract from the fruit can help reduce stress or worry. It does this by lowering how much of a hormone called cortisol is in the body. So, it can help improve the length and quality of sleep in the long run.


A study also shows that the longan fruit affects how fast and how long you sleep.


  1. Improves immunity

Longan fruit exhibits potent anti-microbial properties. Because of this, the immune system is better able to fight off infections. Also, it has a lot of vitamin C, which is a well-known antioxidant that can stop the damage done by free radicals.


Studies back up the idea that eating longan fruit can help the immune system defend itself by making enough white blood cells. Longan tea and herbal infusions are also good at preventing respiratory problems, sore throat, fever, and the common cold.


  1. Packed with Anti-inflammatory properties

According to a study, all of the longan fruit's parts have anti-inflammatory properties. They have gallic acid, ellagic acid, and epicatechin in them. So, it stops the body from making substances that cause inflammation. The mesocarp or the pulp of the longan is all you need to get the pain-relieving benefits.


  1. Treats erectile dysfunction

Longan fruit has been used for a long time as a supplement for both men and women to boost their sexual desire. Also, it has long been used as an aphrodisiac. Fruit juice has been used to treat sexual problems in China for more than 400 years. It helps improve libido by making you stronger and giving you more energy. Researchers have found that longan can help treat erectile dysfunction and improve sexual health.


  1. Treats iron deficiency

Anaemia can happen when the body doesn't make enough healthy red blood cells. You can get iron from eating longans. So, it can help with iron deficiency and the risk of getting anaemia. Also, the small amounts of iron in longans may help make more red blood cells and improve blood flow.


  1. Helps prevent long-term diseases

Most of the time, stress causes your body to give off free radicals. Most of the time, they damage cells in tissues and organs. Some of these dangerous free radicals can be stopped by the antioxidants in longan. So, they stop abnormal cell death or damage from happening. Overall, this trait makes it less likely that someone will get a long-term illness.


  1. Energy Booster

If you want to replace caffeine, you might want to try longan fruit. This juicy fruit can give you a boost of energy right away. The longan fruit also has a lot of fruit sugars, which makes it a great way to get more energy.




Longan is a tropical fruit in the same family as lychee, which is the soapberry. People often call it "dragon's eye" because its flesh is pale white and has a black seed in the middle. But it smells less good and tastes a little bit musky. Longan fruit is a good source of B vitamins and vitamin C. It also has a good amount of minerals, such as phosphorus and copper. The longan fruit is a superfood that is low in calories.


Longan fruit is good for your health in many ways. These fruits help you sleep better, calm your nerves, and increase your libido. This delicious fruit can also help treat infections, skin problems, obesity, stress, and anxiety.



FAQs on longan fruit:

Ques. What good things does longan fruit do?

Ans. The longan fruit makes inflammation go away. It also gives you more energy in a natural way. They also make both men and women feel more sexually aroused. Also, the longan fruit is good for your skin, boosts your immune system, and helps you get a good night's sleep. They also help you remember things better and may prevent anemia.


Ques: Is there a lot of sugar in longan fruit?

Ans. Yes, longans have a lot of sugar. Longans have about 65 grams of sugar per 100 grams. They also have a very low amount of fiber. So, this fruit could cause your blood sugar to rise.


Ques. When should I eat a longan?

Ans. Longans can be eaten at any time of day. Most people eat fruit when they feel like they need to cool down. You could even eat the fruit when you want something sweet and juicy. The best time to eat them, though, is during the day.


Ques. Is the longan a Superfood?

Ans. Yes, longan has good nutrients that are good for your health in many ways. For example, they might strengthen the immune system and make the skin healthier. They may also protect against long-term infections and help you sleep better. In addition, it has very few calories.


Ques. Do longans have alcohol in them?

Ans. Longan does not have any alcohol that is active. People use it to make rum, though. For example, making liquor from longan flesh and alcohol.


Ques: Is eating longans every day healthy?

Ans. Ten longans a day is a good amount to eat most of the time. If your body temperature is high, you should stay away from it. Since it's a good source of vitamin C and iron, you can eat it every day, but not too much. People with diabetes and women who are pregnant need to be careful. Before taking them, it's best to talk to your doctor.


Ques. Can longan seeds be eaten?

Ans. Longan seeds are rarely eaten. Herbal tonics and tea can be made with the seed extracts. The oil made from these seeds might help stop hair from going gray too soon. Most people, though, throw away the seeds and only eat the juicy pulp


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