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Lychee Juice– Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Lychee Juice– Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

In India, Litchi Juice is extremely popular due to its sweet and slightly sour qualities. It is known that the Lychee fruit has numerous health benefits. Litchi fruit juice is beneficial to the consumer because it is abundant in vitamins, minerals, and is a great source of energy.


Litchi, also known as Lychee or Lichi, is a seasonal fruit that thrives in the Indian Subcontinent, South East Asia,  and South Africa, among other tropical regions. It is one of India's most beloved seasonal fruits. Litchi season in India commences when the lychee fruits are harvested between May and July. It is primarily cultivated in northern India, particularly in  Jharkhand, Bihar, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh,  and Uttarakhand.


In addition to eating them whole, lychees are also consumed as litchi juice,  candies, jellies, jams, and other confectionery items. However, Lychee juice happens to be far the most popular method of consuming this fragrant and delicate fruit.


What is lychee juice?

Fresh, succulent lychees are blended with water along with other ingredients such as mint, and lime juice (both optional), then strained through a fine-mesh strainer to create Lychee Juice (Litchi Juice).


The flavour of litchi juice is frequently compared to a combination between strawberry and grape. Additionally, it is extremely refreshing, making it an ideal beverage for sweltering summer days.



Why Prepare Litchi Juice at Home?

Despite the fact that this juice is readily available in stores today, there are numerous reasons to prepare it at home.


Typically, homemade litchi juice is more flavorful and fresher than store-bought varieties. Additionally, it is simple to adjust the flavour  in homemade juice, as sugar can be added or subtracted according to personal preference.


Additionally, making your own juice enables you to avoid artificial ingredients and preservatives.



How to prepare Lychee Juice at home?

  1. Blend together 20 to 30 peeled and seeded lychees, mint leaves (5-6), tablespoons of sugar (2), and chilled water (2 cups).
  2. Using a strainer with a fine mesh, strain the fluid. Press the contents with a ladle to extract as much juice as possible before discarding the sediment.
  3. Serve chilled.



Health benefits of lychee juice:

Rich in minerals and vitamins, the naturally-obtained Litchi fruit juice offers health benefits. They are rich in Vitamin C (71,5 mg per 100g), Copper, Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorus,  a small quantity of Calcium, and trace amounts of Iron and Zinc.


Vitamin C has numerous health benefits, ranging from bolstering immunity to regulating blood pressure and decreasing the likelihood of heart disease. Since Litchi is rich in Vitamin C, the health benefits of Litchi juice include the qualities listed above.


Copper aids in the prevention of osteoporosis and other cardiovascular conditions. It contributes to the health of bones, blood cells, and the nervous system.


Potassium helps tone muscles, prevents spasms and muscle contractions, and offers defence against diseases such as kidney stones, among other advantages.


Phosphorus facilitates healthy nerve conduction all over the body and aids in muscle recovery. It is additionally believed to contribute to the improvement of bone and tooth health.


Although Litchi juice contains just a trace of Magnesium, it has been shown to aid in the prevention of diabetes and hypertension. Additionally, magnesium has anti-inflammatory properties.


It is believed that litchis and lychee fruit juice aid in the battle against liver cancer.



How to store lychee juice? 

  1. Once you've prepared your lychee juice, you'll need to store it appropriately to preserve its freshness and flavour.
  2. It can be refrigerated for up to three days in a secure container.
  3. If you do not intend to consume the juice immediately, you can chill it in ice cube trays or other freezer-safe containers. Juice can be kept frozen for up to two months.
  4. When storing juice, ensure that the container is securely sealed to avoid oxidation and flavour loss.



How to choose lychees?

When purchasing lychees, seek out fruit that is succulent and crimson in colour. Fruits with bruises or brown patches should be avoided. Also, ensure the fruit has a pleasant aroma by smelling it.


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