Raise a toast to sweet Diwali celebration!

Tired of the same old Diwali sweets like moti chur ka ladoo and milk barfi? Here are some extremely easy to prepare but completely innovative sweet treats for your Diwali soirees.  These delicious confections can be created in a cup, taking your creativity, presentation and flavours to a whole new level!

In addition, these delectable sweets have been prepared using the ingredients that are easily available in the home (so that you don’t have to step out of your home and compromise your safety). So, stay home and escalate the bonhomie among your family by coming together to prepare these utterly deliciously and completely different Diwali treats in a cup or glass. We are certain that these mouth-watering treats will instantly appeal the fancy of even the fussiest eater while adding new feathers to your cap!

 So, go ahead, roll up your sleeves and get ready to raise a delicious toast to prosperity, happiness and auspiciousness, this festive season!


Caramel And Custard Kheer:

 A spin off on the classic kheer with all new presentation and some toothsome additions such as caramel, biscuit crumbles and fresh fruits. Certainly kheer in a never-seen before avatar! Add to the festive vibe with this winsome treat.


Caramel and custard kheer


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Moong Dal Halwa Trifle:

A recipe that is perfect to celebrate the mirth of Diwali and the appearance of winter. Share this cozy treat with your loved ones as you embrace the warmth of the glowing lights.

Enjoy this innovative take on the regular moong dal halwa that is accentuated with brulée top, cooling rose and chia seed custard at the bottom.

 Moong Dal Halwa Trifle

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Rice And Rose Rasgullas:

The five days festivity, Diwali, is a celebration of Goddess Lakshmi and everything associated with the Goddess of Wealth including food. Thus, no one should throw or waste food during this period. And here is a clever way to use those leftover rice while also creating something completely delectable for your loved ones.

Presenting a super simple and ingenious recipe- rasgulla with rice and rose. While rice acts as the perfect replacement of milk, the edible rose leaves give it a flavoursome floral feel!

 Rice And Rose Rasgullas

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