Easy & Quick Sweet Recipes For Diwali

What is one thing that remains constant in Diwali festival? Sweets. Right? The heavenly sweet round balls of incredible desserts are used to offer “Gods and Goddesses” as well as friends, relatives, colleagues, employees, helpers; in short, to everyone in Diwali! Sweets are also popular Diwali gifts that we share with our loved ones. However, this year, we are celebrating a slightly different Diwali as we have various norms and regulations to follow that will help us beat and keep the deadly Coronavirus at bay!

Thus, it is highly recommended to skip thronging the market to purchase your favourite packet of Diwali sweets. However, Diwali without sweets is rather incomplete. So, we have accumulated a list of super easy delicacies that you can easily prepare at home to offer the deities and also to share with your loved ones. What makes these sweets extra special is the addition of some healthy ingredients, making them ideal to satisfy your tastebuds without getting astray from your health goal! So, here are some popular home-made healthy Diwali sweets:


Sugarfree Pista Barfi:

Want to indulge in the Diwali sweets but are wary of the calories that come with sugar? Here’s delicious pista barfi that are sugar free! The easy to prepare barfi without any sugar will certainly be a big hit among your friends and family! Indeed, a must-try recipe this festive season!

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Cookware used: Meyer Anzen 


Oats Malpua With Rabri:

Do you shy away from eating malpua as it is filled with ingredients that you would rather avoid? Here’s a healthy take on your favourite malpua that will add to the festive vibes! We escalate the value of this popular treat by using the healthy oats to make this rich treat a true delight for everyone!

Oats Malpua With Rabri


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Cookware used: Meyer Anzen


Mixed Seeds Boondi Laddoo:

Who doesn’t love Boondi ka laddoo in Diwali? This scrumptious treat can be prepared without any fuss, especially if you are using our easy-to-replicate recipe. The detailed stepwise process will help you prepare heavenly Boondi laddoo for the upcoming festival. We have also used healthy seeds to add some nutritional value to this mouth-watering treat!

Just store them in a vacuum container (click here to know more) once you are done and they will stay fresh and delicious for weeks.

Mixed Seeds Boondi Laddoo


Know more here- Mixed Seeds Boondi Laddoo

Cookware used: Meyer Select Milk Pan & Meyer Merlot Frypan

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