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Raw Banana – Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Raw Banana – Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Green or raw bananas are unripe bananas. Bananas that are green and bananas that are yellow are both full of nutrients. This tasty crop can be found in every fruit basket in the world. Bananas are a well-known fruit that can be found in every supermarket and fruit stand. There are a lot of raw banana dishes in India.


There are a lot of good things in green bananas, like fibre, antioxidants, vitamins, and phytonutrients. To get the most nutrients out of green bananas, you should boil or cook them before eating them.



What are raw bananas? 

Raw bananas, which are not yet ripe, are also called "green bananas." They have firm flesh and are not as sweet as ripe bananas. Bananas are one of the most common fruits grown all over the world. Their scientific name is Musa. Bananas are a very important fruit in terms of their nutritional value and properties. This is because they have phytochemicals and nutrients.



Uses of raw bananas:

Even though green bananas aren't very sweet and have a grainy texture, they are a popular ingredient in many savoury dishes, such as stir-fries, salads, dips, deep-fried foods, steamed foods, boiled foods, batter-fried foods, and chips.



Raw bananas for weight loss:

A type of starch in raw bananas may help you lose weight if you eat them. This starch might work like dietary fibre and make you feel full for a longer time because it is digested slowly. 2 These things might help you control your weight. But you should talk to your dietician or nutritionist before making any changes to your diet or using any fruit or herb to lose weight.


Raw bananas for diabetics:


The main difference between green and ripe bananas is that starch makes up most of the carbs in green bananas. It slowly turns into sugar as the banana ripens, which is why most people prefer to eat bananas when they are ripe because they are sweeter. For this reason, green bananas are very good for people with diabetes. Green bananas get most of their carbs from starch instead of sugar, so their glycemic index is lower than that of ripe bananas. And you already know that food with a low glycemic index raises your blood sugar more slowly than food with a high glycemic index.



Green VS Yellow bananas: 

The following are the ways in which green bananas are different from yellow bananas:


Taste: Yellow bananas are much sweeter than green bananas when they are still raw. Even green bananas can taste a bit bitter.


Texture: Bananas that are yellow are softer and more mushy. When they are not cooked, raw green bananas are firm and waxy.


Composition: Green bananas have more resistant starches than yellow bananas do. Bananas turn yellow as they ripen, and the starch in them changes into fructose and sugar.


Yellow bananas are very healthy because they have more fibre, potassium, and antioxidants than green bananas. Also, the sugars in them are easier to understand than the sugars in other sweet fruits. So, the carbs in bananas that are yellow are easier for our bodies to break down. Because of this, they quickly give us more energy.


On the other hand, green bananas have a lower glycemic index and a lower simple sugar count because of this. They also have a lot of fibre and potassium, and because they haven't ripened yet, they have a lot of resistant starch, which is a soluble fibre that can help you feel full for longer.


Because starch is digested much more slowly, it gives the body energy for a longer time. It also keeps you full for a longer time. This also helps you lose weight. Also, green bananas have a lower GI and more potassium than yellow bananas. Since the starch in green bananas is digested more slowly than that in yellow bananas, the energy they give us lasts longer.



Health benefits of raw bananas:

  1. Packed with nutrients

Green, raw bananas have a lot of resistant starch and short-chain fatty acid, which is an important nutrient. They also contain important minerals and vitamins, such as potassium, vitamins B6 and C, dietary fibre, and a lot of protein. About 81 calories are in a green banana that is about medium-sized.


  1. Helps in digestion

Green bananas help with digestion because they have a lot of resistant starch and dietary fibre. They also help prevent stomach problems like ulcers by soothing them. They also help the body fight off any bacterial infections that might happen in the gut.


  1. Manages and Reduces Blood Pressure

Raw bananas have a lot of potassium in them, which helps lower high blood pressure by making our blood vessels and arteries less stressed. So, raw bananas help keep heart problems like atherosclerosis, heart attacks, and even strokes from happening.


  1. Manages weight loss

Green bananas have a lot of resistant starch, which helps us feel full for longer. So, we don't feel hungry when we don't need to. One can lose weight quickly in a healthy way.


  1. Manages blood sugar

Raw bananas have a lot of Vitamin B6 in them, which helps people with pre-diabetes and diabetes control their blood sugar. They stop insulin from getting into our blood, which helps keep our blood sugar levels stable. This is because raw bananas have a lot of fibre. When it comes to controlling high sugar, eating boiled green bananas gives the best results.


  1. Speeds up metabolism

Green bananas have important micronutrients and minerals that help turn fat into energy that you can use. In turn, this speeds up the body's metabolism and makes it work better. They also have a lot of vitamin B6, which helps break down enzymes that help speed up the metabolism.


  1. Treats diarrhoea

Raw banana is a great food to eat when you have diarrhoea because it is easy to digest and full of nutrients. Not only are they easy to digest, but they also help reduce the headaches, nausea, tiredness, and vomiting that come with diarrhoea.


  1. Helps the kidneys work better

Raw bananas help keep the electrolyte balance in our bodies, which helps our kidneys work better. When you eat raw bananas often, you can avoid kidney problems like kidney cancer.


It helps the blood get the nutrients it needs.

Because they contain short-chain fatty acids, green bananas can help our bodies absorb more nutrients. Raw bananas have fatty acids and fibres that help the gut absorb important nutrients, like calcium.


  1. Good for the hair and skin

Free radicals can damage your skin and hair, but raw bananas are a good way to fight back against this damage. The vitamin B6 in raw bananas helps boost our immune system, which is good for our skin and hair as a whole. Green bananas that aren't ripe and yellow bananas that are ripe can be used to make face and hair packs that are good for your skin and hair.


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