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Rust in a cast iron cookware: Solutions & Preventive Measures

Rust in a cast iron cookware: Solutions & Preventive Measures


Everything you need to know about a rusted cast iron cookware

“I want to buy another piece of cookware. My cast iron cookware is ruined,” said my friend to my utter shock and disbelief. I had helped her buy this awesome cast iron cookware, so her reaction really bamboozled me. I asked her, did it break? She said NO. Has it developed some kind of crack or been exposed to radioactive acid? Because I know that good-quality cast iron cookware is virtually indestructible.



She said, my cast iron pan is completely rusted. I couldn’t contain my laughter. A cast iron pan with rust can easily be retabulated.



Cast iron cookware is very resilient. However, it can develop rust time and again. But this doesn’t mean that you need to discard your cookware. Rust can be removed, and the ingenious glory of your cast iron pan can be restored. But if your cookware has developed cracks or holes then it’s certainly time to get a new one.



Table of Content

  1. How does a Cast Iron cookware rust?
  2. How to remove rust from Cast Iron?
  3. Tips for Preventing Rusting
  4. Can vinegar remove rust from Cast Iron?
  5. Why does my Cast Iron pan rust after each use?
  6. Will baking soda clean Cast Iron?
  7. Can you use steel wool to remove rust?



1. How does a Cast Iron cookware rust?


​Rust (iron oxide) forms when iron in the cookware reacts with oxygen and water. So, it is as simple as this, if you leave water on your cast iron cookware for too long, it will rust. This doesn’t mean that you should completely stop using water, rather you shouldn’t let water sit on your cookware for a long time. In addition, a cast iron cookware is also susceptible to rust if it doesn’t have the protective layer of carbonized oil. So, season it and give it extra protection.  



2. How to remove rust from Cast Iron?


​​Follow these simple tips to salvage your cookware:  

  1. Start by scouring the rusty parts with steel wool. Then wash the cookware thoroughly with warm, soapy water.
  2. Immediately after this, dry the pan with a kitchen towel. Place the pan on the stovetop to remove any remaining trace of moisture.
  3. Season the cookware and use it without any worry.



3. Tips for Preventing Rusting :


  1. ​​Never soak the pan in water.  
  2. ​​Remove every trace of moisture; don’t let it air dry.  
  3. ​​Always oil it lightly after cleaning the cookware..  
  4. ​​Avoid acidic ingredients as this might damage the seasoning.  
  5. ​Use the cookware as often as you can.  


4. Can vinegar remove rust from cast iron?


​​Yes. You can mix together equal parts vinegar and water, and you can either add the solution to the rusty section of the pan or completely soak the pan in a bucket of the mixture if the pan is rusted all over. Let the cookware soak for about an hour; this should take care of the damage. 



5. Why does my cast iron pan rust after each use?


​​Rust forms when you expose your cookware to moisture for a long stretch of time. So, wipe your cookware properly after each wash. It would be better if you could heat it so that moisture evaporates.  



6. Will baking soda clean cast iron?


​​Baking soda neutralizes any trace of flavor or odor that the pan has. It also has antibacterial properties. So, you can use it to clean your cookware.  


7. Can you use steel wool to remove rust?


​​Steel wool is great to lift rust spots as well as stuck on food particles. You can use the steel wool to remove rust and debris.  



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