The most essential kitchen items that every cook needs!

Warning: Once you start using these items, you will start wondering how you survived all these years without them!

Whether you are setting a new kitchen or tying the loose ends together to make your cooking experience smooth, what you need beside and along with cookware are an array of kitchen tools and appliances. The importance of kitchen tools can’t be stressed enough for cooking success and minimal frustration in the kitchen. A right set of cooking appliances and equipment set the tone for a fast-paced and hassle-free cooking. Kitchen appliances, along with cookware, aid in maintaining the cleanliness, harmony and orderliness in your kitchen. So, how do you determine the tools that you need to add order in the chaos and cacophony of your kitchen? We are here to help you out!
These are the basic tools that you need to have:

1. Choppers


You have to have a great set of choppers to help you chop stiff fruits, nuts, ginger, garlic and so on. These choppers are also perfect to whisk, mix, mince, make stylish slices, beat or whip egg whites and so on.

Meyer offers three compact choppers that take minimum cabinet space but accomplishes maximum food preparation chores.

Here are the three choppers that you can get to minimize the time and effort spent on food preparation.

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2. Chopping board

Chopping board

A sleek chopping board is a must-have for every cook. It is your cutting board where you will place your foods that needs to be chopped. It is your protective surface on which you will cut and slice things, an integral part and process of food preparation.

Meyer offers the best quality chopping board with four separate removable flexi mats; one each for different food categories such as fruits, vegetables, poultry, seafood and dairy.

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3. Space Saving Dish Drainer

Space Saving Dish Drainer

This is the perfect addition to your kitchen, especially if you want it to be clean and organised. This space-saving dish drainer can be easily folded and unfolded as per your requirement. It has a draining spout to directly drain water into the sink. It is a versatile tool that you can use to store or dry your dinnerware. The Y rack can collapse completely to create even more space. It also has an extendable rack for plates and bowls.

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4. Whisks


An integral part of kitchen and cooking, whisks are important to blend ingredients smooth and incorporate air into the mixture. Meyer brings to you the most ingenious set of whisks that are ideal to perform various tasks.

Meyer Kitchen Hacks 3-In-1 Whisk is the perfect addition to your kitchen as you can have three whisks for the space of one! This clever tool easily separates into 3 - a balloon, flat and sauce whisk, then can be slotted back together to be stored away as one, saving you kitchen drawer space. The set is ideal for blending, whisking, beating and whipping small to large size mixture portions.

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5. Containers


Containers for food storage play a huge role in the look, upkeep and organization of your kitchen. Right set of containers not only add a classy charm to your kitchen but also keep your food fresh for long.

Meyer offers a wide range of containers that are stackable as well as have innovative pump mechanism to remove air from the containers.

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