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Top 2 Cookware in India 2022

Top 2 Cookware in India 2022
Reap all the benefits of non-stick cookware without experiencing any of its pitfalls


Want minimal oil cooking but don’t want to cook in a chemical laden cookware? And how about the fact that you have to regularly change and replace your traditional non-stick cookware, pissing, right? Many users share the same sentiments but their desire to practice minimal oil cooking (or lack of better substitutes) often limit their choice. Worry no longer! We bring to you the top two healthy cookware ranges in India that have no toxins or hidden chemicals. They are safe, sturdy and stylish. We take great delight in introducing you to two extraordinary cookware ranges in India- Meyer Cast Iron & Meyer Anzen!



Time to switch to healthy cookware:

These are your healthy cookware choices. They are free of every dreaded chemical and perfect to enjoy a stress-free cooking.



Comparison between different cookware


Specifications Stainless Steel Non-stick cookware Ceramic Cast iron
Oil Use You have to use oil to prevent food from sticking to the cookware surface. Yes, you can cook using minimal oil if you are ready to cook in a chemically coated cookware You can easily enjoy minimal or no oil cooking You can cook using little oil if you have seasoned your cookware well
Non-stick properties No Chemically coated Coated with natural minerals Surface starts to act like a non-stick after frequent seasoning





An overview of healthy cookware: Features that give ceramic and cast iron cookware an edge!

Naturally non-stick surface While ceramic cookware has natural gel coating, cast iron cookware obtains its naturally non-stick property after regular seasoning
Can withstand extreme temperature change Both the cookware will not be damaged under any drastic temperature change
Works well on all cooktops You can these cookware to cook in any medium, from stovetop to oven
Good for All types of cooking



Now that you have decided to adopt a healthy lifestyle with the help of cookware that will let you cook using minimal or no oil, here are two best cookware brands in India that will help you accomplish your objective.



1. Anzen :

Here’s a cookware that is green by nature and great by performance. This is a totally toxin-free range that is ideal for you and your loved ones, and safe for the environment!

1. Made with 100% natural minerals to give you a stick resistant cooking surface!

2. The stick resistant cooking surface allows you to cook using minimal oil while promoting smooth food release

3. The thick body construction makes heat transfer quick, even and efficient!

4. Can easily withstand high temperatures, therefore, is perfect for searing meats and vegetables.



Explore the Range here




2. Cast Iron :

Meyer offers pre-seasoned cast iron cookware ranges that are great for gourmet delights. Naturally non-stick and totally awesome, these cookware will withstand the test of time and different cooking experiments to help you curate delicious, authentic treats.

1. Pre-seasoned to eliminate the hassle of seasoning as soon as you bought it.

2. “Monolith” structure that gives its structure strength and durability.

3. Ability to endure high temperature as well as all heat sources.

4. Perfect for all types of cooking.

5. Toxin-free cookware with the ability to be naturally non-stick.



Explore the Range here



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