Top 5 Colourful Cookware in India for your Kitchen

Top 5 Colourful Cookware in India for your Kitchen
Top 5 Colourful Cookware in India for Your Kitchen

Colourful cookware can brighten up your kitchen space and make cooking fun.

A little colour in the kitchen can go a long way in making cooking times fun and bright. This is a fantastic gift idea that won't just be appreciated but will also get used by your loved one. Here are our top five picks for colourful cookware that will make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable.



Table of Content

  1. Meyer Merlot Non-Stick Series
  2. Meyer Luminescence Non-Stick 8pcs Set
  3. Meyer Accent Series Spark Edition
  4. Meyer Anzen Healthy Ceramic Coated Cookware
  5. Meyer Centennial Stainless Steel Frypan  
  6. FAQs  


1. Meyer Merlot Non-Stick Series

​​A beautiful Merlot coloured Kadai with a lid, this kadai will be an integral part of your kitchen and cooking. While the beautiful shade adds a nice pop of colour to your kitchen, the excellent specifications will ensure that your cooking is hassle-free! A perfect gift that your friends and relatives will cherish.


USP: Revolutionary diamond-dusted interior with ridged and dimpled ‘Square-Dot’ pattern for smooth food release and resistance against utensil abrasion.




Explore the complete Merlot  Range 



    2. Meyer Luminescence Non-Stick 8pcs Set

    A gorgeous Meyer Luminescence cookware set with pearlescent exteriors for metallic finish and shimmery appearance. The exterior featuring copper shade enhances the lustre of the cookware and its stainless-steel handle amplifies the overall appearance. The set has a remarkable combination of dimpled texture and top quality non-stick from Whitford (USA) that boosts smooth food release and makes the clean-up super easy.

    USP:The set features aluminium core for even and quick heating. 




    Explore more Luminescence Range   

      3. Meyer Accent Series Spark Edition

      We wanted to create a cookware collection that we would be proud to give as a gift to our best friends.


      Accent Series cookware is a red dot award winner. This do-it-all, one-of-a-kind combination of aluminium and stainless steel will make cooking food in the kitchen easy. We searched for innovative solutions to everyday problems by cooking with people in home kitchens around the world. This is how we discovered the sparks of insight that make the Accent Series truly special. We hope you enjoy cooking with it as much as we do!




      Explore Meyer Accent Series 

        4. Meyer Anzen Healthy Ceramic Coated Cookware

        Add a rustic tone to your kitchen with this beautifully hued fry pan. The completely Toxin-free Anzen Fry Pan with a shimmery greyish tone will accentuate the look of your kitchen. The pan features an innovative ‘Silicone + Oxygen’ Ceramic coating with an Aluminium body for hassle-free and 100% safe cooking!


        USP: Totally toxin-free product that doesn’t emit toxic fumes, whatsoever, even at high cooking temperatures.




        Explore Meyer Anzen Series 


          5. Meyer Centennial Stainless Steel Fry pan

          A radiant blue coloured Meyer Centennial Stainless Steel Fry Pan that will add a beautiful glitter to your kitchen while also ensuring that your cooking is fuss free. Made with 100% Nickel Free Thick Stainless Steel without any harmful chemicals, the cookware is 100% safe. The fry pan has a shimmery exterior in the vibrant blue shade and a sturdy stainless-steel interior for that par excellence experience. A perfect Holi purchase!

          USP: A winning combination of 100% nickel free Japanese stainless steel inside and US FDA approved shimmery non-stick coating outside




          Explore Meyer Centennial Series 


            6. FAQs

            1) Why is nickel free Steel becoming popular?

            There are studies that suggest that ordinary stainless-steel cookware may leach a small amount of nickel into food which may have adverse effects on your health. Meyer is renowned for offering top-quality stainless-steel cookware that are nickel free and extremely gorgeous.

            2) How is ceramic coated cookware "Anzen" safe to use?

            Anzen is made from natural material that is sand or silicon which means No PTFE, No PFOA, NO Heavy metals, No fumes and absolutely non-toxic. Great performance without too much oil ensures good health.

            3) What does "red dot award" mean?

            Any brand that receives an outstanding award like the Red Dot would be thrilled. It is given to the finest design for any high-quality product. The term "Red Dot" has grown internationally recognized as one of the most coveted quality badges for excellent design. Meyer Accent series recently received this prestigious award.

            4) What does Merlot mean?

            The answer is the colour of the cookware. Yes, that's right! Meyer Merlot is non-stick cookware that gets its name from wine "Merlot" because of the colour of the wine.




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