All American Breakfast

Ever seen that amazing photo of a breakfast in a hotel or restaurant with a plate full of various different items? We’re going to turn that photo into reality today by making a full American breakfast with 3 different items all cooked in 1 pan.  


What is an All American Breakfast?

An all American breakfast is a full meal consisting of different food items all on 1 plate, eaten as a meal. The plate consists of single portions of all items and is similar to a breakfast platter. The items in an American breakfast plate generally include an egg preparation, crispy bacon and pancakes. Hashbrown potatoes and sausages are also often included in this meal.


How to make All American Breakfast

  1. Start by mixing the pancake batter. Add flour, sugar, salt, baking powder and baking soda into a bowl. Top it off with milk, melted butter and crack an egg into it. Mix it into a thick batter and set it aside.  
    All American Breakfast Recipe
  2. In a cold enamel cast iron skillet, spread bacon strips flat, evenly spaced out. Set it over medium low heat and let the fat render out. Once all the fat from the bacon has rendered and the bacon is dark and crispy, take it off the pan.   
    All American Breakfast Recipe
  3. In the same hot pan along with the leftover bacon fat add two ladles of the pancake batter and let them cook for 1-2 minutes per side and take them off.  
    All American Breakfast Recipe
  4. Lastly, fry 1-2 eggs in the same hot pan and cook them to a sunny side up. Plate everything on a plate with a small bowl of maple syrup in the middle with the eggs, pancakes dusted with some powdered sugar and bacon strips laid around it.   
    All American Breakfast Recipe

Expert Tips

  1. The pancake batter shouldn’t be overmixed as this would make the pancakes dense.
  2. Bacon is cooked without any oil in a cold pan as the slow rise in heat renders the fat present in it slowly.
  3. The eggs should always be cooked last as they can start getting watery if left out for too long after being cooked.

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