Poha Croquettes

Are you also bored of the usual poha breakfast at your homes? Well, check out the best way to turn that regular poha into a fancy and appetising snack by making it into a crispy little cutlet or croquette. 


How to make Poha Croquettes

  1. In a stainless steel frypan, melt some ghee and add cumin seeds into it. Saute some chopped ginger, onion and green chillies into it. Add chopped beetroot and carrot to the pan and saute them as well. Finally add chopped green bell pepper. 

Poha Croquettes image 1


2. Season with hing, salt and red chilli powder. Transfer this mixture into a bowl of boiled poha, with grated boiled potatoes, coriander and grated cheese as well. Mix everything until completely incorporated. 

Poha Croquettes image 2


3. In a flat plate mix equal parts of sooji rava and poppy seeds. Form the poha mixture into even sized cylindrical croquettes, coat them in the sooji and khas mix.

Poha Croquettes image 3


4. Heat a nonstick tawa and spray some vegetable oil over it. Place all the prepared croquettes onto the tawa and grill from each side, till they are lightly brown and crispy. 

Poha Croquettes image 4


5. Serve these croquettes hot while they are still crispy.  

Poha Croquettes image 5

Expert Tips

  1. Saute and cook the onions completely before adding in the beetroot.
  2. Beetroot and carrots take some time to cook, therefore make sure to completely cook them before pan frying.
  3. Sooji and poppy seeds are best for shallow frying as they are naturally crispy and coarse.


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