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Circulon Origins Non-Stick Hard Anodized 18cm Saucepan

₹ 3,575.00


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Why buy the Origins Non-Stick + Hard Anodized 18cm Saucepan?
  • Totally TOXIN-FREE product
  • US FDA & European Food Safety Standards Authority approved coating (from Chemours USA)
  • GUARANTEED No PFOA | No Cadmium | No Nickel | No Arsenic | No Lead
  • The world’s best coated cookware with LIFETIME WARRANTY
  • PATENTED Hi-Low food release system - Food will not stick: 100% GUARANTEE
  • Heavy gauge, hard anodized construction makes it twice as hard as stainless-steel for an outstanding durability
  • Riveted Phenolic handles which always "Stays Cool" even after prolonged use 
  • Shatter-resistant tempered glass lid to lock the moisture 
  • Oven safe up to 180-degree C/ 350-degree F and is dishwasher safe
  • Compatible with all cooktops, including induction

    Product Code

    Country of Origin

    Hard Anodized Aluminium

    Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Product Dimensions
    Diameter : 18cm
    Length (handle to handle) : 36cm
    Overall Product Height: 17.2cm
    Internal Pan Height: 9cm
    Weight (Kilograms): 1.1
    Capacity (Volume): 2.2L

    Dishwasher Safe : Yes

    Suitable Cooktops
    Gas, Electric & Induction


    Item Shape

    Common/Generic Name
    Circulon Origins Non-Stick Hard Anodized 18cm Saucepan

    Seller/Importer Name
    Meyer Housewares India Private Limited
    Add: 30, Link Road, Lajpat Nagar-3, New Delhi- 110024

    Package Contents
    1N Saucepan with 1N Tempered Glass Lid, Use and Care Instructions, Warranty card


    The date of delivery is usually between 3-4 working days. However, this can vary according to the location, climatic conditions and area distress


    Limited Lifetime Warranty

    This certifies that this product is warranted to be free from defects in material and craftsmanship under normal household use for the lifetime. The warranty does not cover damage from abuse, commercial use, neglect, abnormal wear or tear, overheating, or any use not in accordance with the cookware instructions provided with the product.


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Innovations to simply cooking

Pioneer in the cookware industry with over 38 years’ experience of innovation, testing, researching and refining, Circulon Origins has been designed to make cooking smarter. This range by Circulon suits every cooking style and fits every kitchen.

TOTAL Non-stick System

Metal utensil safe interior features the TOTAL Non-stick System of raised circles and premium-quality non-stick. The unique hi-low grooves reduce surface abrasion, resist scratching, staining and chipping, making the non-stick coating exceptionally durable. Owing to its distinguished raised circles, air can flow around food effortlessly to give better cooking result.

Hassle-Free Zero Oil Cooking

The cookware features high-quality non-stick coating that allows you to cook with little or no oil and deliver flawless food release along with the easiest of clean-ups every time.

Heavy Gauge Hard Anodised Construction

Circulon is catalysed for optimal conductivity with aluminium core that is twice as strong as stainless steel. The heavy-gauge, hard anodised construction ensures fast, even heating – eliminating the hot spots that can burn foods while providing better browning and searing.

Circulon Origins Non-Stick Hard Anodized 18cm Saucepan

There’s no dearth of cookware materials and cookware varieties; however, none can replace the versatility and usefulness of a hard anodised saucepan. This hard anodized sauce pan by Circulon is one of the most popular and sought-after cookware in India. Circulon is a prominent globally loved cookware company that offers the best hard anodized cookware in India.

Circulon Origins Non-Stick Hard Anodized 18cm Saucepan has no doubt earned its position in practically every kitchen as a genuinely industrious piece. The saucepan, according to its name, is not only for cooking sauces. It is, in fact, one of the most adaptable things you may have in your kitchen.


Best Nonstick Hard Anodized Sauce Pan

High-quality hard anodized cookware is said to preserve the benefits of aluminium while remaining safe for food contact. Furthermore, it is said to be more nonstick, which makes it a wonderful choice for healthful cooking.


What is a hard anodized saucepan?

Hard anodized saucepan is essentially aluminium cookware that has been bonded together with a nonstick coating by an electrochemical process. This type of cookware is 30% tougher than stainless steel, making it incredibly long-lasting.

When aluminium is exposed to air, it becomes anodized. It oxidises, forming a thin but strong layer of aluminium oxide that shields the metal from further oxidation.

The aluminium is hard anodized by immersing it in a chemical bath. After that, an electric current is used to create controlled, rapid oxidation, which eventually hardens into very thick aluminium oxide.

So, what exactly does hard anodized mean in practice? Essentially, it strengthens and increases the durability of the resulting aluminium.


Uses of Circulon Origins Non-Stick Hard Anodized 18cm Saucepan

It is excellent for handling liquids, making and reducing sauce, and of course brewing popular Indian tea as well as coffee. Sauce pans are also handy for other forms of cooking. It can be used for deep frying, boiling water, braising liquid, producing stock, and even soup.

It's also perfect for cooking stews, simmering liquids, and pasta sauce. However, because it can only handle fewer amounts than a stockpot, make sure to plan the amount correctly.

Thus, Circulon Origins Non-Stick Hard Anodized 18cm Saucepan is a helpful saucepan to have on hand whether you're brewing tea, making boiled or mashed potatoes, rice, or cereals.

This saucepan that comes with a lid is useful for more than just the main course. It's also fantastic for producing desserts or sweet ends like hot cocoa, as well as making sweet and thick jams, decreasing coulis, and the like.

With the right type of saucepan, the possibilities are endless.


Is a hard anodized saucepan as good as a stainless steel saucepan?

Because anodized pots and pans have an extra coating, the basic metal gains strength, making them more solid and lasting. In fact, hard-anodized aluminium cookware is the most durable type of cookware available today, and it is twice as strong as stainless steel cookware.


Is hard anodized sauce pan reactive?

Hard anodized aluminium is not reactive, although plain aluminium is. After the electrolytic passivation is complete, a thick coating of aluminium oxide forms that is inert. This covering protects your food from touch with the plain aluminium base.

Because hard anodized cookware isn't reactive, you may safely cook acidic foods like tomato-based sauce in it without fear of the colour or flavour changing.


Does hard anodized saucepan leach aluminium?

The aluminium oxide layer functions as a barrier between your meal and the reactive aluminium base. Because the layer that comes into contact with your meal is inert, it will not leach aluminium into your food even if you cook it with acidic elements. This is comparable to how seasoning a cast iron pan forms a coating that keeps the iron from contaminating your food.

However, if the hard anodized layer of the sauce pan is damaged, the bare aluminium is exposed and can leach into your meal. This is why good upkeep of your hard anodized sauce pan is essential. It should also be replaced if the surface is damaged.