Circulon ScratchDefense A1 Series Nonstick Saute Pan with Lid ,28cm

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Why buy the Circulon ScratchDefense A1 Series Nonstick Saute Pan with Lid ,28cm?
  • Unrivaled Scratch Resistance - Experience next-level durability with ScratchDefense™ Nonstick Technology, tested to be 130 times more resilient than conventional nonstick coatings.
  • Unbeatable Nonstick Performance - Enjoy effortless cooking and cleaning with our extreme nonstick surface. Food slides off smoothly, and cleaning up is a breeze.
  • Built to Last - Designed to withstand 200+ years of daily wear and tear in laboratory simulations, this frying pan is engineered for a lifetime of exceptional cooking.
  • Rapid and Even Heating - An aluminum core ensures fast, even heat distribution, allowing you to achieve consistent cooking results every time.
  •  Induction-Ready - The thick, stainless steel base is induction-compatible, making it suitable for use on all stovetops and ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Metal Utensil Safe - Say goodbye to kitchen restrictions because this nonstick pan is metal utensil safe. 
  • Dishwasher-Safe - Cook with confidence and clean up effortlessly.
  • Comfortable grip while staying cool - Experience superior handling with our cast steel and silicone handles.


    Product Code

    Country of Origin

    Body Material:

    Exterior Finish:

    Cast Stainless Steel with Silicone

    Interior Surface:

    Lid Material:
    Tempered Glass

    Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Product Dimensions
    Diameter: 28cm
    Overall Width : 53.70 cm
    Overall Height: 15.75 cm
    Handle Length : 20.00cm
    Internal Pan Height : 7.80cm
    Weight (Kilograms): 2.33
    Capacity (Volume): 4.77 L

    Dishwasher Safe : Yes

    Suitable Cooktops
    Gas, Electric & Induction


    Item Shape

    Common/Generic Name
    Circulon ScratchDefense A1 Series Nonstick Saute Pan with Lid ,28cm

    Seller/Importer Name
    Meyer Housewares India Private Limited
    Add: 30, Link Road, Lajpat Nagar-3, New Delhi- 110024

    Package Contents
    1N Saute Pan and 1 Lid , Use and Care Instructions, Warranty card


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    Limited Lifetime Warranty

    This certifies that this product is warranted to be free from defects in material and craftsmanship under normal household use for the lifetime. The warranty does not cover damage from abuse, commercial use, neglect, abnormal wear or tear, overheating, or any use not in accordance with the cookware instructions provided with the product.


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Unmatched Durability with ScratchDefense™

Our pan is fortified with ScratchDefense™ Technology, making it 130 times more durable than regular nonstick cookware. It's a long-term investment that promises to stand up to daily wear and tear.

Effortless Cooking and Cleanup

The extreme nonstick performance ensures that your meals glide off the pan with ease. Say goodbye to scrubbing and soaking. Plus, it's metal utensil safe, offering ultimate convenience in the kitchen.

Stylish and Stain-Resistant

With its stain-resistant exterior, this pan maintains its sleek appearance over time. It's not just a culinary tool; it's a stylish addition to your kitchen.

Comfortable Handling

Featuring cast steel and silicone handles, our pan offers a comfortable and cool-to-the-touch grip. Cooking becomes a pleasure with this level of control.

Your Kitchen Workhorse: Best Non Stick Saute Pan In India


A nonstick sauté pan is a daily cooking essential that simplifies and elevates meal preparation. Its nonstick surface allows for healthy, low-fat cooking as it reduces the need for excess oil. The even heat distribution ensures that ingredients cook uniformly, preventing hot spots and enabling precise temperature control. The nonstick feature eases food release, making sautéing, searing, and stir-frying hassle-free while also simplifying cleanup. Its durability and lonagevity make it a reliable kitchen workhorse that can withstand daily use, whether you're whipping up quick weekday dinners or culinary creations on the weekend. A high-quality nonstick sauté pan is an invaluable tool that promotes both convenience and culinary excellence in daily cooking. If you want to buy a new nonstick saute pan you go for  sauté pan from Circulon's ScratchDefense A1 Series.


High-Quality Saute Pan In India:

The nonstick sauté pan from Circulon's ScratchDefense A1 Series is an exceptional piece of cookware that is famous for its extraordinary durability as well as its cutting-edge features. The exceptional scratch-resistant nonstick coating, which can survive the usage of metal utensils, is what sets it apart from other products and ensures that its performance will last for a very long time. This frying pan is made of heavy-gauge aluminium or stainless steel, which ensures that heat is distributed evenly throughout the pan and does not create any hot spots. The fact that several of the pans in the series are compatible with induction cooktops provides versatility that may be applied to a variety of cooking applications. Circulon's ScratchDefense A1 Series nonstick sauté pan strikes an excellent balance between convenience and resilience, making it a preferred choice for those who value both ease of use and the longevity of their cookware. With comfortable handles, oven-safe capabilities, easy food release, and a range of sizes to choose from, this sauté pan is a great option for those who place a high value on the durability of their cookware.


What Can You Cook On A Nonstick Saute Pan?


A nonstick sauté pan is a versatile kitchen tool that can be used to prepare a wide range of dishes. Here are some of the things you can cook on a nonstick sauté pan:

  1. Sautéed Vegetables: Sautéing is the primary function of a sauté pan. You can quickly cook a variety of vegetables, such as bell peppers, zucchini, mushrooms, and onions, to create delicious side dishes or additions to main courses.
  2. Stir-Fry: A nonstick sauté pan is ideal for making stir-fry dishes with a mix of vegetables, protein (like chicken, beef, or tofu), and sauce.
  3. Pan-Fried or Sautéed Proteins: You can use it to pan-fry or sauté proteins like chicken breasts, fish fillets, pork chops, or even steak.
  4. Omelets and Scrambled Eggs: The nonstick surface is perfect for making omelets and scrambled eggs, as it ensures that they won't stick to the pan.
  5. Pasta Dishes: You can use the sauté pan to toss cooked pasta with sauces and ingredients like garlic, herbs, and Parmesan cheese.
  6. Risotto: Sauté pans are great for making creamy risotto dishes, as their wide cooking surface allows for even heat distribution and easy stirring.
  7. Frittatas: Use the sauté pan to prepare frittatas with eggs, vegetables, and cheese, and then finish cooking in the oven.
  8. Shallow-Frying: While it's not as deep as a traditional frying pan, a sauté pan can be used for shallow-frying items like breaded chicken cutlets or fish.
  9. Sauce Reduction: The wide surface area is suitable for reducing sauces and gravies.
  10. Caramelizing Onions: Sauté pans are excellent for slowly caramelizing onions to achieve a sweet and flavorful result.

A nonstick sauté pan is a versatile kitchen tool that's ideal for a variety of cooking techniques and dishes. Its nonstick surface and even heat distribution make it a valuable addition to any kitchen.