3 Easy Samosa Recipes

We love our samosas and this is why we bring to you the most creative samosa recipe collection which will make all your taste buds sing some really happy songs. These recipes are extremely artsy, fun and exotic yet you will find them extremely easy to make with all the ingredients available right in your pantry.

Go on! Get that home chef cap on and wear that apron, get ready to whip up these delightful recipes and blow everyone away with your creative prowess.

Akuri Samosa Recipe

Akuri is a typical Parsi egg dish that comprises of lightly scrambled eggs with flavours of coriander and turmeric. In this samosa recipe, the eggs are stuffed in the flaky samosa pastry making it one quick and delicious snack.

Check out the full recipe here

Green Pea And Mint Samosa Recipe

A no onion no garlic samosa recipe twist for people who prefer their food that way. The combination of green peas and mint is just like a match made in culinary heaven.

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Baklava Samosa Cigars Recipe

Here's enticing your palate with Baklava, a Middle Eastern treat comprising of phyla pastry along with assorted exotic nuts in a thick caramel/honey-based sauce. Demanding a slightly intricate process that bears great result, this is the perfect one- of -a -kind samosa recipe for every occasion!

Check out the full recipe here

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