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Best Dosa Tawa in India 2023

Best Dosa Tawa in India 2023
While a dosa tawa is specifically designed for making dosas, a regular tawa is a versatile cooking utensil used for various purposes like frying, sautéing, shallow frying, and making rotis or chapatis. The design and specifications of a dosa tawa are optimized for cooking dosas, ensuring that they turn out thin, crispy, and evenly cooked. If you are looking for the best dosa tawa to prepare dosa effortlessly, you have come to the right place. Read on to find out more about the best dosa tawa in India. 

What Is A Dosa Tawa? 

A dosa tawa is a specific type of flat pan or griddle that is designed for making dosas, a popular South Indian crepe-like dish. It is an essential tool in Indian kitchens, especially in the preparation of dosas. The best dosa tawa typically has a flat circular cooking surface with slightly raised edges. It is usually made of materials such as cast iron, aluminum, or stainless steel. Traditional dosa tawas are often made of cast iron due to its excellent heat retention and even heat distribution properties. Meyer offers the best dosa tawa in cast iron material which will help you prepare authentic dosa without any hassle.
The size of a dosa tawa can vary, but it is generally larger than a regular frying pan to allow for easy spreading of the dosa batter. The larger surface area also accommodates the thin and wide shape of dosas.
The dosa tawa is primarily used to heat and cook the dosa batter, which is poured and spread evenly across the surface. The hot tawa cooks the dosa, resulting in a thin, crispy, and golden-brown crepe-like texture.

How To Use A Dosa Tawa?

To use a dosa tawa, it is typically preheated over medium to high heat before pouring the dosa batter onto the surface. The batter is then spread in a circular motion using a ladle or the back of a spoon to achieve the desired thickness and size. The dosa is cooked until the edges turn crispy and golden, and it can be flipped to briefly cook the other side if desired. The best dosa tawa will certainly help you prepare crispy, restaurant-like dosas easily.

Can You Cook Dosa In A Regular Tawa? 

It's important to note that while a dosa tawa can be used for regular cooking tasks, a regular tawa may not provide the same results when it comes to making dosas due to its size, shape, and cooking surface. If you enjoy making dosas regularly, investing in a dedicated dosa tawa can enhance your dosa-making experience.

Can you cook other food items in a dosa tawa?

A dosa tawa is a staple utensil for making dosas, but it can also be used for cooking other dishes such as uttapam (a thick pancake-like dish), rotis, parathas, and even toasting bread. The versatility and specific design of a dosa tawa make it an essential tool for anyone who enjoys making dosas and similar dishes. 

Difference Between Dosa Tawa And Regular Tawa: 

Size and Shape: A dosa tawa is typically larger and wider than a regular tawa. It provides ample space to spread and cook the thin and wide dosa batter. The size of a regular tawa, on the other hand, may vary but is generally smaller and more suited for cooking smaller items like rotis, chapatis, or stir-frying.
Flat Surface: The dosa tawa in India has a flat cooking surface, often with slightly raised edges to contain the dosa batter. This flat surface allows for easy spreading of the dosa batter and ensures even cooking. In contrast, a regular tawa may have a slightly curved or rounded surface, which helps in tossing or stirring food while cooking.
Thickness: A dosa tawa is typically thinner compared to a regular tawa. The thinner construction of the dosa tawa allows for better heat conductivity and ensures that the dosa cooks evenly throughout. Regular tawas, especially those made of materials like cast iron, tend to be thicker for better heat retention and distribution.
Material: Dosa tawas are commonly made of materials like cast iron, aluminum, or stainless steel. Cast iron dosa tawas are preferred for their excellent heat retention and the ability to develop a natural non-stick surface over time. Regular tawas can be made of similar materials, but they may have different thicknesses or coatings depending on their intended use. Meyer offers the best dosa tawa in different materials. You can select the type that you are more comfortable with.

What Are The Features Of The Best Dosa Tawa? 

The best dosa tawa in India possesses certain features that contribute to its top notch performance and durability. Here are some key features to look for when you want to buy the best dosa tawa:
Material: Opt for a dosa tawa made from high-quality materials like cast iron, which offers excellent heat retention and even heat distribution. Cast iron tawas are known for their durability and ability to develop a natural non-stick surface over time. Stainless steel and hard-anodized aluminum tawas are also popular choices due to their durability and efficient heat conduction.
Size and Shape: Consider the size of the dosa tawa based on your preferences and the number of dosas you plan to make. A larger tawa provides ample space for spreading the dosa batter and allows for easy flipping. Look for a round shape with slightly raised edges to contain the batter and prevent spillage.
Thickness: A high-quality dosa tawa should have an optimal thickness to ensure even heat distribution and prevent warping. It should be thick enough to retain heat but not excessively heavy or cumbersome to handle.
Flat and Smooth Surface: A flat and smooth cooking surface allows for even spreading of the dosa batter and uniform cooking. Check for any irregularities or bumps on the surface that could affect the dosa's texture or appearance.
Heat Conductivity: Look for a dosa tawa with good heat conductivity to ensure that the dosa cooks evenly throughout. This helps prevent hot spots and ensures that the dosa achieves a consistent color and texture.
Handle: Consider the handle design and its heat resistance. Look for a sturdy and heat-resistant handle that provides a secure grip and stays cool during cooking. A long handle allows for comfortable handling and reduces the risk of accidental burns.

Which Is The Best Dosa Tawa In India?


Some high-quality dosa tawas come pre-seasoned with oil or have a non-stick coating. A pre-seasoned tawa is ready to use and develops a natural non-stick surface over time. A non-stick coating provides convenience and ease of use, reducing the need for excessive oil or ghee during cooking. Ensure the non-stick coating is of high quality and durable.
Meyer offers non-stick coated dosa tawa as well as cast iron dosa tawa.

Best Dosa Tawa To Prepare Dosa:

  1. Meyer Premium Non-Stick (3mm Thick)28cm Flat Dosa Tawa, Black 

  • Sturdy 3 mm thick aluminium construction for unmatchable strength
  • Eclipse interior coating system from Whitford (USA for effortless cooking
  • Glossy porcelain enamel exterior for enhanced appearance and ease of use
  • ‘Stay-cool’ riveted phenolic handles for comfortable handling
  • Coated rivets for hygienic cooking
  • Shallow Depth with Coated rim for a premium finish
  • Guaranteed 100% PFOA free, 100% lead free and 100% cadmium free non-stick coatings
  1. Meyer Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Flat Dosa Tawa, 28 Cm, Black
  • The dosa tawa made of cast iron promotes uniform heating across the entire surface, conserving cooking gas.
  • Heavy gauge construction guarantees the product's extra thickness and durability.
  • Preseasoned with 100 percent vegetable oil, the dosa tawa is ideal for outdoor cookery, campfires, and direct contact with flames.
  • Ergonomically designed dual handles facilitate cooking comfort.
  • It is compatible with all cooktops, even induction.


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