Black Raisins – Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Black Raisins – Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Black raisin is known as munakka in India, but it also goes by names like Zabeeb, dried grapes, and maneka. The  sweet and sour flavour of black raisin  is something that everyone loves. But not many people know that this tiny natural treat is full of healthy things. So much that it would be a sin not to eat them and get the benefits of black raisins.



How is black raisins made?

Black raisins are generally made from seedless Thompson grapes that have been laid out on paper and dried in the sun for three weeks, but any colour of grape skin can be used. As the raisins dry, they turn from brown to black. There are Jumbo, Small, and Midget types of black raisins.



Taste of black raisins:

Raisins taste a little bit sweet and sour. Black raisins are dried black grapes that can be used in cakes, kheer, and barfis, among other desserts. 



Difference between yellow and black raisins:

Black raisins have a more natural flavour than yellow raisins because they are dried without sulphur dioxide. Black raisins are made by leaving them out in the sun for many weeks on paper trays. They are put on wooden trays and hit with hot air to speed up the drying process.



Nutritional value of black raisins:

People often eat black raisins the next day after soaking them overnight. In parts of India, these raisins are called munakka. They are full of sugars (glucose and fructose), vitamins (ascorbic acid, riboflavin, thiamin, and pyridoxine), dietary fibres, and minerals (zinc, phosphorous, iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium). Munakka also includes various kinds of phytochemicals like flavonoids, epicatechins, phytoestrogens, resveratrol, and hydroxycinnamic acids



Health benefits of black raisins:

  1. They have fibre in them, which helps the body absorb its own fluids. This adds more volume to the food as it moves through the digestive tract. This helps keep the bowels moving regularly and relieves constipation.
  2. The fibres in it also help the body get rid of dangerous toxins. Munakka might also help improve the way the colon works.
  3. Also, black raisins have vitamin B complex, which is needed to make red blood cells. Because it has iron, it could also help with anaemia.
  4. The calcium in munakka could help strengthen and demineralize tooth enamel.
  5. Black raisins have a lot of potassium, which may help bones grow and may also make osteoporosis less likely.
  6. They have vitamin C and antioxidants, which could help make your skin glow and your hair thick.
  7. As a good source of potassium, they can help improve the health of the heart and keep these heart conditions from happening.
  8. Munakka's ingredients make it a better food choice, and eating it before a meal could help healthy people with a normal weight control their hunger. It also helps you lose weight.


Black raisins keeps bowel movements regular:

When you soak black raisins overnight, they can help you go to the bathroom without making it look like you have diarrhoea. Because it has a lot of fibre, it makes it easier to go to the bathroom in the morning. The truth is that your gut health affects the quality and health of your skin and hair. If you have trouble going to the bathroom, have diarrhoea, or can't absorb food well, it's a sign that your colon is making toxins that it should be getting rid of.


People suffer from constipation because they don't drink enough water, don't eat enough fibre, have bad eating habits, eat too much sugar, have chronic inflammation, or have a bad gut microbiome. If you have a hard time going to the bathroom, black raisins that have been soaked may help. Even if you aren't, the fibre in them can help keep your gut microbiome in good shape.



Black raisins keep you full and cuts down on your hunger:

Because they don't have fibre, processed foods, bad carbs, and junk food make you feel hungry over and over again. On the other hand, black raisins that have been soaked and are high in fibre can help you feel full longer and stop you from mindlessly snacking. Soaking raisins helps keep your blood sugar level steady without giving you extra calories. They are also a healthy snack because they have sugars that come from nature. This can help you a lot with your weight and stop you from wanting sugar.



Best way to consume black raisins: 

  • The best way is to soak black raisins in water overnight and eat both the raisins and the water the next morning.
  • You can put black raisins in milk that is boiling and drink it before going to bed. This will give you more nutrients and help you sleep well.


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