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Cistanche Deserticola - Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Cistanche Deserticola - Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

The parasitic plant Cistanche deserticola has extraordinary medical value, especially for use in hormone regulation, aperient, immunomodulatory, neuroprotective, antioxidative, anti-apoptotic, anti-nociceptive, anti-inflammatory, anti-fatigue activities and the promotion of bone formation. 

How does it work ?

Chemicals that function as antioxidants can be found in Cistanche deserticola. Additionally, it contains substances that can lessen inflammation and swelling, reduce bone deterioration, and alter hormone levels in the body.

Health Benefits:

Erection Support, Testosterone, And Libido:

Studies reveal that a Cistanche deserticola extract promoted the production of steroidogenic enzymes in the testicles, which raised levels of sex hormones. Acteosides and Echinacosides found in Cistanche deserticola considerably decreased the time between erections and enhanced the general health of testicular cells.

This study also demonstrated that echinacosides had a vaso-relaxing effect, improving erection size and genital blood flow.

Boosts Immune System:

Studies have revealed that Cistanche Tubulosa extract can activate lymphoid cells and boost the body's ability to fight cancer cells. It is important to add that these cells can exist at any moment, making it crucial to locate them and get rid of them before they have a chance to multiply.

According to another study, specific substances, including the oligosaccharides in Cistanche Tubulosa, significantly increased the activity of mice's spleens and the body's production of antibodies. 

Due to their biological similarities, these studies are very encouraging and support the dietary use of Cistanche extract. 

Cognitive Functioning And Brain Health:

According to Studies, Cistanche can support your ability to continue learning, storing, and recalling knowledge. Numerous studies have revealed that Cistanche deserticola show promise for helping patients to alleviate the symptoms commonly associated with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other neuro-degenerative diseases.

Researchers have shown that the key components of Cistanche may preserve brain neurons from deterioration and thereby lessen or delay the decrease in mental health that comes with ageing.

Cancer Prevention:

According to studies, Cistanche may aid in the battle against cancer in esophageal, breast, colon, and liver cells. For instance, it has been discovered that Cistanche causes the death of colorectal cancer cells.

In the tests conducted on mouse,,Cistanche activated the immune system, leading to an increase in cancer-fighting CD8+ T cells.

Cistanche significantly increased the survival rate of the mouse and slowed the growth of liver cancer cells.

Stimulating Growth Hormone:

Our growth hormone levels decrease by 14% every ten years after puberty. This hormonal change is frequently accompanied by declining health and longevity. Cistanche may offer a natural means of enhancing levels of young growth hormone. Growth hormone was activated when chemicals from Cistanche were presented to rat pituitary cells. In particular, Echinacoside was efficient.

Other Benefits of Cistanche:

According to research, Cistanche provides health advantages that go beyond mechanisms that increase longevity and increased immune function. 

Studies in cell culture demonstrate that echinacoside activates bone-regenerating osteoblast cells. Researchers have discovered that Cistanche reverses bone loss and boosts bone density in postmenopausal rat models of osteoporosis.

According to preliminary study, Cistanche may help reduce cholesterol, improve insulin resistance, support healthy blood sugar levels, and avoid depression. Cistanche may also lessen the severity of cataracts, ease constipation, improve reproductive health, and fight physical tiredness.


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