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Innovative Treats to Celebrate Holi

Innovative Treats to Celebrate Holi
This Holi, ditch the regular sweets and snacks and try out something new! Here are some innovative sweet treats that will be a hit at your Holi party:




1. Mixed Seeds Boondi Ladoo



TThis traditional treat will certainly please the crazy Holi crowd. Most loved and wanted Indian sweets.




2. Pomegranate Laddoo




The sweet and tangy addition of pomegranate beautifully complements the popular besan concoction and will surely serve as your perfect Holi sweet .




3. Rava Coconut Chocolate Barfi 




An ingenious combination of rava, chocolate, and coconut, this treat will fetch you plenty of compliments.





4. Blueberry and Rose Rasmalai 



Creamy milk and a soft bite of chhena makes you want more. I am certain that anyone who likes traditional Rasmalai will appreciate this delightful new version too.




5. Rice and Rose Rasgulla



An innovative way to present your greetings is in this rose-flavored classic dessert ready in under 20 mins




6. Warm milk Seviyan




It’s fragrant, comforting, and above all highly enjoyable delicacy. Super easy to prepare and will surely be one of my favorite dishes.




7.  Seviyan Cups With Coconut Rabri And Fresh Fruits



The traditional seviyan gets a new fruity twist along with an offbeat way of presentation making it easy to portion, serve and eat.




8. Sugar-free Pista Barfi


Indian Sweet is known to take very long to make and generally have a lot of sugar, we change all of that with this super yum recipe of a Pista and Fresh Fruit barfi and making it SUGARFREE.




9. Khubani Ka Meetha


It's got a very cool and refreshing sweet taste and is perfect for after a meal, try this simple recipe this Holi and end your meals on a sweet note.




10. Tiramisu Gulab Jamun



The literal meaning of Tiramisu in Italian is “pick me up” or “cheer me up”. As the name implies, this is an iconic Italian dessert that is served at the end of the meal that hopefully “cheers you up.




11. Makhana Kheer



This festive season, we bring to you a subtly sweet and supremely nutritious treat. Rich and creamy, this easy-to-prepare and delicious to savor makhana kheer will delight taste buds!




12. Sugar-free Til ke Ladoo



Sesame seeds are loaded with numerous health benefits and here we are giving a sweet touch to this superfood! Presenting the simplest way of making delicious “til ke ladoo” for this festive season!




13. Raspberry Milk Cake Recipe



A classic milk cake or Mawa cake recipe with a fruit twist, the raspberry flavor is optional, you can either ignore it or add any flavor you like.




15. Caramel and Custard Kheer



A variation on the classic rice kheer made with milk , sugar and rice with a few added touches making it super pretty




16. Rose And Dry Fruit Kachori



Why should bhog only be sweet, why not some namkeen twist for Ganesha? Here’s a sweet twist to the generally savory treat, this kachori has the fragrance of rose and the robust flavors of various dry fruits.




17. Kaddu ki Tikki



This simple tikki recipe is perfect for bhog as it gets ready in just  2 minutes.




18. Bharwan Aloo Tikki 



A no onion and garlic (Satvik) version of the popular aloo tikki that you can enjoy during bhog festivities.




19. Kesar Jalebi



Isn't the Indian sweet dish platter incomplete without kesar jalebi? Use this easy recipe for your bhog this time.




20. Rose Jalebi



This festive season, give your sweets a vibrant and floral twist. We are sure lord Ganesha will love your Rose Jalebi.




21. Mexican Tortilla Wraps



A recipe to leave you feeling vibrant with the taste and tang of fresh salsa and grilled cottage cheese.




22.  Vegetable Pan-fried Noodles



Noodles are evergreen, favorite of all, and loved by everyone types of snacks! A must-keep when hosting parties.




23.  Pull apart Cheese Garlic Bread



A bread recipe that is not only extraordinarily tasty but also easy to share as there is no need to cut the bread into slices.




24. Skillet Pizza



Who doesn't love a good pizza? And that too a wood fired pizza! It's just one of the best things that you can get in the world, isn't it? The pizza we make at home isn't close to the one we eat at a restaurant.




25. Hariyali paneer Tikka



If you are looking for great vegetarian appetizers for your summer grilling party, then don’t look for any other options , this Hariyali Paneer Tikka is a MUST-HAVE menu snack !




26. . Chicken Pakora



Chicken pakora is essentially a chicken fritter made by coating the chicken in a chickpea flour batter, spiced with dry Indian spices to bring out that rich Indian flavor. It's generally classified as a street food item, with vendors battering and frying the pakoras with intense speed and efficiency. Chicken pakora is one of the Indian versions of the classic American southern fried chicken.




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