Easy Sweets to Celebrate Krishna Janmashtami

A round up of Little Krishna’s favourite milk sweets that you can easily prepare at home!

After the rather sluggish monsoon this year, it’s time to actively look forward to the onslaught of festivals starting with Krishna Janmashtami. Janmashtami is the celebration of Lord Krishna’s birth, who is generally considered the highly revered and unusually cute Hindu God. Lord Krishna, who is also called “Makhan Chor” (butter thief), has fond association with food. Ancient Hindu scriptures are filled with stories of Lord Krishna's special liking of milk and milk products. Therefore, on this auspicious occasion, many devotees prepare an assortment of milk-based delicacies to please their beloved deity.

As you fervently wait for this special day, we bring to you a list of sweet treats that you can easily prepare for your revered God.


1. Condensed Milk Laddoo

This sweet dish is prepared with grated coconut and condensed milk. The thick creamy milk is mixed with grated coconut and then stirred with sugar. It is an awesome treat for the sweet tooth of fasters.

Get the complete recipe here: https://www.boldsky.com/cookery/sweet-tooth/indian-sweets/coconut-ladoo-with-condensed-milk-039145.html

2. Maakhan Misri

Little Krishna is well-known for His penchant for white butter. This Janmashtami, prepare this simple prasad of makhan mishri that is basically freshly churned white butter mixed vigorously with sugar. You can also add some nuts to get the deliciously divine creamy texture.

Get the complete recipe here: https://www.ndtv.com/food/janmashtami-2017-how-to-make-makhan-mishri-bhog-at-home-for-krishna-janmashtami-1736035 

3. Gole ki Barfi

Gole ki Barfi is a perfect example of how few things can combine to make something tasty. Desiccated coconut, mawa and sugar are all required to make this easy sweet dish.

Get the complete recipe here: https://www.mintsrecipes.com/coconut-burfi-recipe-nariyal-barfi-vrat-upvas-recipe/


4. Oats Malpua With Rabri

Here’s a healthy treat fit for even a deity! The delectable combination of malpua with rabri makes it a delectable treat and the wise addition of oats makes it perfect for every devotee to savour it after his or her fast.

Get the complete recipe here: https://www.potsandpans.in/blogs/recipes/oats-malpua-with-rabri

5. Caramel And Custard Kheer

When mere mortals get bored of the same old kheer, little Krishna is sure to be tired of tasting the ancient kheer on his every birthday. This Janmashtami, serves him a delightful rendition of kheer in the form of the Caramel and Custard kheer.

Get the complete recipe here: https://www.potsandpans.in/blogs/recipes/caramel-and-custard-kheer

6. Raspberry Milk Cake

Give your Janmashtami prasad preparation a classic touch by preparing this incredibly delicious milk cake or Mawa cake recipe with a fruity twist. The addition of raspberry gives it a sublime taste. Make the little Bal Gopal’s upcoming birthday special by preparing this delicious sweet.

Get the complete recipe here: https://www.potsandpans.in/blogs/recipes/raspberry-milk-cake

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