Eclipta alba- Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Eclipta alba- Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Eclipta Alba is a type of sunflower that is often called false daisy or Bhringraj. This plant has been used as Ayurveda medicine for a long time. It grows in the wild, especially in Bangladesh and some parts of India. Farmers usually think of this plant as an unwanted weed. This plant was used as medicine by the tribes of the past. Ayurveda and traditional medicine both agree that this plant has many uses as a medicine.


The Eclipta Alba plant, also called the false daisy plant, has many active compounds that are used to treat different diseases.


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What is Eclipta Alba?

In some parts of India and South-Western America, Eclipta Alba is often grown as a medicine crop. This plant is used in Ayurveda because it has a compound that protects the liver and is thought to treat a number of diseases. Due to its straight stem, Eclipta Alba is often called Eclipta data. It has a lot of hair and many branches. This plant grows every year and has a greyish, well-grown root. The flower of this medicinal plant is white and has narrow petals.


It is well known that this plant is used to treat both short-term and long-term illnesses. This is because this plant has a lot of phytochemicals and properties that make it useful for medicine.


Due to its potent characteristics, Eclipta Alba extract has long been used in Ayurvedic medicine. Besides its usefulness in medicine, the fake daisy plant is widely used in the beauty industry due to its attractive appearance and several useful characteristics. It has been shown to stimulate hair development and is a well-known natural remedy for alopecia and hair loss. Ayurveda supports the idea that this herb can help with hair problems by supporting the research that supports this idea.


Health Benefits of Eclipta Alba


The therapeutic plant fake daisy has excellent medicinal effects for treating a wide range of medical conditions. The medicinal and preventative properties of this herb's active components have made it a popular remedy. When it comes to Ayurveda medicine, it is among the top ten most popular herbal remedies. The therapeutic medicinal herb is produced as a crop because it is abundant in qualities that make it a major plant.


  1. Facilitate the treatment of gastrointestinal problems
  2. It's useful for the diagnosis, management, and prevention of asthma and other breathing problems.
  3. Facilitates the reduction of fever symptoms
  4. Both alopecia and hair loss can be avoided or treated with this.
  5. It aids in the treatment of jaundice and other liver-related illnesses Prevents hair from greying prematurely
  6. It's useful for addressing a variety of skin issues, including acne.
  7. Reduces spleen size, making it an effective treatment for that condition.
  8. Assists in the recovery from and treatment of ulcers and other wounds
  9. has features that make it effective against cancer
  10. A good way to counteract the poisonous effects of snake bites.
  11. Assists in the management of inflammation
  12. Useful for maintaining normal nervous system function.
  13. Aids in the management of arthritis
  14. Supports efforts to reduce the risk of diabetes
  15. Reduces dandruff and aids in the prevention of hepatitis


Eclipta Alba's characteristics and active components are responsible for all of its beneficial effects.


Eclipta Alba's phytochemical components


It has a wide variety of photochemical components. Eclalba Saponins, Wedelolactone, Ursolic Acid, Oleanolic Acid, Luteolin, and Apigenin. The Bhringraj plant, often known as the fake daisy, is loaded with antioxidants. Vitamins and minerals abound in the plant. Vitamins E and D, calcium, iron, and magnesium are abundant. These qualities make this medicinal plant more effective in a wide range of applications.


  1. Sleep induction is facilitated.
  2. It's great for calming nerves and relieving tension.
  3. It aids in skin irritation reduction and liver cleansing.
  4. Effective in relieving mild to moderate headache pain
  5. Aids in memory retention; particularly useful for those with Alzheimer's.
  6. It's useful for stimulating hair growth.
  7. It's a great way to improve your immune system's health.
  8. Aids in calming an upset stomach (gastrointestinal tract)
  9. Facilitate the treatment of UTIs (Urinary Tract Infection)
  10. Aids in the treatment of intestinal inflammation Aids in the enhancement of visual acuity


How to use Eclipta Alba?

Many serious health problems can be fixed with Eclipta Alba. All parts of the plant are useful in the same way. All parts of the plant, including the roots, stem, flower, and seeds, can be used to treat different diseases and do other things. There are many ways to use the plant.


Oil extracts

You can use either the extracts of Eclipta Alba or the extracts of this plant's seeds. Massage it into your scalp to stop hair loss and help your hair grow. You can also massage it on your forehead to treat minor headaches. The oil is not edible, so you should never put it in your food or eat it directly. You can buy it in stores near you or online.


Grounded form

Crush the flower and stem of this plant separately and put them in your favourite soup or vegetable curry. You can also make chutney by adding lime juice to it. To get the most benefit from this plant, eat this crushed chutney with every meal.


Powdered form

Add the power of the false daisy plant to your favourite drink or food. You can also use the power of this plant to make a hair mask. To treat stomach problems, add a pinch of powder to a cup of warm milk every night. The root powder works better than powder made from other parts of the plant.


Original juice

Use the plant's stem and leaf to make a fresh glass of juice. You can use just the parts of the plant to make the juice, or you can add some fresh fruits to it for extra health benefits. You can make the juice taste better by adding a spoon of organic honey and a few drops of lime juice. Have this strong drink. You should drink this super-magical drink first thing in the morning to get the most health benefits.


The leaf on the tree

This is one of the most straightforward ways to use the plant. Crush the leaves of this plant, Eclipta Alba, and add them to your tea. Tea needs five minutes to steep, and you should drink it at least twice a day. This way, if you are patient and consistent, the health problems will be gone in no time.


Eclipta Alba for hair

In Ayurvedic medicine, the false daisy for hair has been used a lot. You can treat a number of hair problems with Eclipta Alba hair oil. This super-magical herb's main use as a beauty product is to treat different hair problems. Most of the time, the oil from the false daisy plant is used to treat hair problems.


Eclipta Alba to promote hair growth

You can find different "Eclipta Alba hair growth" solutions, potions, or oil extracts in stores or on the internet. The oil extracts are especially good for making hair grow. It gives the scalp and hair follicles the nutrients they need, which makes it easier for the hair follicles to grow new hair. The false daisy plant has a herb that is high in Vitamin E. This herb feeds the hair scalp, which hydrates the hair strands and makes them look shiny and healthy.


Eclipta Alba for reducing dandruff

Both the leaves and the oil of bhringraj can be used to treat dandruff. Dandruff can make hair less healthy and make the scalp flaky and itchy. All of these things can make hair weak, break easily, and cause hair loss.


This plant can help get rid of dandruff because it kills bacteria and fungi. Most dandruff is caused by fungi. Crush the bhringraj plant's leaves until you have a smooth paste. Apply the paste to your scalp and let it sit for at least an hour. Use your favourite shampoo to wash your hair. You can also rub the oil from the false daisy plant in a circular motion into your scalp to get rid of dandruff. Remember to be gentle, because if you do it too hard, you could lose hair from your scalp.


Eclipta Alba to stop hair from turning grey too quickly

If you include the false daisy plant in your regular health routine, it could be a great way to slow down the greying of your hair. You can use this plant's paste, especially paste made from the root, as a hair mask or even in your shampoo. Crush the plant's root into a smooth paste, then rub it into your scalp. After an hour, use your favourite shampoo to remove it.


Eclipta Alba for reducing hair loss

The plant can stop hair from falling out. The antioxidants in the plant make sure that your scalp gets enough of the nutrients it needs to grow healthy hair. The whole plant can be crushed into a smooth paste. Use the paste to strengthen the roots by spreading it evenly on your scalp. The oil from this plant can also be used to massage your scalp. If you use it every day for a few months, you will see less hair loss.


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