Safe & Toxin-free Cookware Brands in India

Safe & Toxin-free Cookware Brands in India
It’s time ditch non-toxic cookware and select safe and toxin-free cookware to protect your health


Health is wealth. There is no doubt about this. And the events of the past two years have fortified the importance of health and made everyone conscious of the food and lifestyle choices they are making. Cooking is an integral part of our lives, therefore, using non-toxic cookware is an important area to include in our healthy routine.



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  1. What are non-toxic cookware?
  2. Anzen
  3. FAQs on Anzen
  4. Meyer Cast Iron
  5. FAQs on Meyer Cast Iron
  6. Select
  7. FAQs on Select
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What are non-toxic cookware?


It is to be noted that when you expose your toxic (generally non-stick cookware) to temperatures above 570°F (300°C), its harmful chemical coating can start to break down and release toxic chemicals in the air and can also seep into your food. When these toxic fumes are inhaled, you can experience flu-like symptoms, body chills, headache and body aches. Also, cookware with BPA has also been linked to diseases like breast cancer, infertility and diabetes. Non-toxic cookware, on the other hand, gives you the assurance that you are at a zero risk of ingesting any type of harsh chemical. In fact, ceramic cookware ranges like Anzen, which has a mineral-based ceramic coating, releases up to 60% less CO2 into the environment in comparison to traditional non-stick cookware.

Toxin-free Cookware Brands in India: Here are the top three non-toxic cookware brands in India. These cookware have no harmful chemicals or hidden toxins that might hamper your health in any way. They don’t release any toxic chemicals when heated and you can cook in these cookware without any worry. These cookware have no dreaded PFOA, Cadmium, Nickel, Arsenic, Lead or BPA. They use food grade materials that have all required safety certifications from trusted food authorities like USFDA & European Food Safety Standards Authority.




Meyer Anzen


Anzen uses a ceramic gel made from silicone and oxygen which give you a stick resistant cooking surface. You can cook in ceramic cookware with the same amount of oil that you use in a nonstick cookware; the food will not stick on the cookware surface and release smoothly.



FAQ on Anzen:


Q. Is Anzen, the ceramic range, made from clay

No. They’re actually metal cookware with a finish that uses silicon to prevent sticking. The coating is made of sand and has a slick, glossy surface that gives it the name ceramic.

Q. Is ceramic cookware non-stick?

The ceramic coating is naturally nonstick. It has a non-porous surface, which keeps food from sticking to the surface. The coating is made using a ceramic polymer created from a combination of silicon and oxygen.

Q. Can you put ceramic cookware on a high heat?

Yes. It is heat resistant up to 400- 450 degree Celsius. However, as a general guideline, food should be cooked in medium-high temperature to preserve the nutrition and also prolong the life of any pan. However, even if you accidentally heat a ceramic coated pan beyond 450 degree Celsius, it will not emit any toxic fumes. It will also not break down.


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Meyer Cast Iron


Meyer has designed a range of cast iron cookware that are pre-seasoned to perfection using pure vegetable oil. These cast iron cookware have been aesthetically designed and built to last forever. Cast Iron cookware can easily be a part of your family heirloom that you proudly pass from one generation to another.



FAQ on cast iron cookware:

Q. Is it safe and hygienic?

Cast iron doesn’t have any chemical or synthetic coating, therefore, is completely safe to use. If Seasoned properly and regularly, the cast iron cookware will develop a patina/layer and will perform like a non-stick cookware.

Q. How easy is it to clean the cookware?

Wash cast iron by hand with a soft scrub. If needed, use a pan scraper if the food is stuck on the pan. If you are not able to clean food with soft scrub, you may use baking soda or vinegar and little water; put the pan on heat for a couple of minutes then use the scraper/scrubber to remove the food. Ensure that it is wiped properly and stored in a dry place. When you want to use the pan again please repeat the process of seasoning.

Q. How to season a cast iron cookware?

WHeat up the pan on a high flame, rub any oil available in your kitchen on its surface using a kitchen towel. Keep heating the pan until it reaches its smoking point. Repeat the process for about 15-20 minutes for the first few uses. Over a period of time the tawa will develop its own patina and will become stick-resistant. Do not wash using a scouring/abrasive scrub as this will break down the coating and the entire process will be required to be repeated again. Store in a dry place to prevent the pan from rusting.


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Meyer Select


Magnifying the magic of cooking with Select. Made from highly durable Nickel Free Thick Stainless-Steel cookware with superior pitting resistance, Select amplifies the zest of your curations. The elegantly designed classic pots and pans from Select will make a glittering difference to the overall look of your kitchen. The overall performance of the cookware is uplifted by the use of an aluminum layer in the base to ensure that the cookware can sustain extremely high temperatures without wrapping.



FAQ on Select:


Q. What is the cookware body made of? How tough is it?

This is an extremely tough and durable product constructed of Japanese technology with high-grade, durable and proprietary stainless steel along with pure aluminum from Australia. Subjected to the toughest testing conditions, this cookware offers extraordinary durability and robustness.

Q. Is it Nickel free?

Yes, it is completely nickel-free and safe for everyday use. Select uses one of the finest stainless steel from Nippon Corp Japan and pure aluminum from Australia. In addition, the emery finish on the surface eliminates the scope of food sticking on the cookware after cleaning, hence no carry over of stale food.


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Conclusion :


The major benefit of switching to non-toxic cookware is the peace of mind that you get from knowing that you are cooking in a pan that is 100% safe and has been designed to boost the wellbeing of you and your loved ones./p>




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