Galia Melon – Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Galia Melon – Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Galia melon is a new fruit that has recently become very popular in India. It is called Cucumis Melo Var. Reticulatas by scientists, and in Asia it is also called Sarda.


What are galia melons? 

Galia melons are a cross between summer cantaloupes and watermelons. They were first created in Israel. The fruit is usually beige in colour, has a thick, nettled skin, and soft, juicy, sweet, light green flesh on the inside.This melon's natural look comes from the fact that honeydew melons and cantaloupes were mixed together.


The outside of a Galia melon looks a lot like a cantaloupe, while the inside looks a lot like a honeydew melon. It is mostly green, but when it is ready, it turns yellow. It tastes sweet most of the time.



Galia melon fruit description:

Galia has always been round. It stands out because its rough skin has a raised pattern of fine nets. At full size, it's about 4 to 6 inches across and weighs about 2 pounds. Inside, the pale green flesh is juicy, soft, and has a sweet, musky smell that comes out best when the fruit is fully ripe. Inside the flesh is a hollow space filled with a lot of pale, pointed seeds that are wrapped in a web of slimy fibres.



Origin of galia melons:

Dr. Zvi Karchi, an Israeli melon breeder, made these hybrid melons for the first time in 1973. He made this melon and named it "Galia melon" after his daughter, whose name means "god's wave." This is an interesting fact about the Galia melon.



Nutritional content of galia melons:

Galia melons have a lot of vitamin C, vitamin A, bioflavonoids, carotenoids, and different minerals like calcium, potassium, and iron. They may also have a lot of fibre, including pectin. They may also be low in calories and have no fat or cholesterol.



Health benefits of galia melons:

  1. Weight loss

Galia melons don't have much in the way of calories, sodium, or fat. Because of this, if you eat this fruit often, it will help you lose weight. Also, the minerals and vitamins make you feel full, which is an important part of your plan to lose weight.


  1. High fibre content

Galia melons have a lot of fibre in them. When compared to litchis, Galia melons have twice as much fibre as litchis. We all know that our bodies need a certain amount of fibre to treat a number of diseases. Some of these diseases are


  1. Keeps blood pressure steady

Because Galia melon has a lot of potassium, it helps keep your blood pressure steady. It's a big part of keeping your heart safe from strokes and heart attacks.


  1. Improves vision

Zeaxanthin, which is found in Galia melon and is a carotenoid, is good for your eyes. It helps you see better and keeps you from getting macular degeneration. Zeaxanthin is good for your skin as well. Galia melon is good for your eyes because it has vitamin A in it.


  1. Keeps cancer away

The fact that Galia melon has bioflavonoids and carotenoids is a big reason why it helps prevent cancer.


It also has a lot of antioxidants and organic compounds that help keep lung, breast, and colon cancer from happening.


  1. Good for the health of your heart

Galia melon has a lot of dietary fibre, which helps lower LDL (bad cholesterol). This keeps atherosclerosis from happening. Also, since Galia melon has no cholesterol, eating it often won't hurt your heart in any way.


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