Griddle Vs Skillet: Find out the difference

It’s often understandable to get confused between the two great kitchen tools- skillet and griddle- after all both are cookware. They are the most useful home appliances and are immensely useful while preparing any meal- be that breakfast, snack or dinner.
So, here’s helping you to resolve the confusion.

Difference in shape and size: Griddle is much larger in size generally rectangular in shape as opposed to the round shape of a skillet.

Difference in the surface area: Skillet generally has a flat surface and a griddle has a raised surface that gives sear marks/lines on the food.

Ease of Use: Skillets are generally more compact and easy to use as compared to a griddle.

Skillets are often also referred to as fry pans. They are used for shallow frying, sauteing and also searing. They are the most common kitchen tool and available in almost all the kitchens. Whereas, griddles are more often than not used to grill BBQs and get that awesome char marks.

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