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Indian Bay Leaf - Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Indian Bay Leaf - Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Indian bay leaf or Tej patta has been used for hundreds of years as both a medicine and a flavouring. It is among the spices in Indian garam masala, which is a mix of different spices. All kinds of bay leaves taste sharp and bitter and smell strong. But they are used more for the flavour they add to food than for how they taste.

Since ancient times, the Indian bay leaf has been used as a medicine. In the Middle Ages, it was one of the most important medicines. Since ancient times, Indian sages have encouraged the use of many spices as both food and medicine. The Indian bay leaf was one of these spices.


What is Indian bay leaf?

 The Indian bay leaf grows in India, Nepal, and Bhutan, where it is native. In India, bay leaf is also called Tejpatta, Tamalpatra, and Tejpat. It is also called Indian cassia, Malabar leaf, and many other names.


The Indian bay leaf is olive green and is twice as long as the bay laurel leaf. It has three large veins running down the length of the leaf, while the bay laurel leaf only has one large vein.


The Indian bay leaf smells a lot like cinnamon, while the bay laurel leaf smells like pine and lemon.


Flavour of Indian bay leaf:

Bay leaf is a spice that is used to add flavour to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes from all over the world. When the leaves are crushed, the flavour is stronger than when they are used whole. They are put in a muslin bag after being broken up.

Culinary use of Indian bay leaf:

The majority of the time, whole dried bay leaves are used in Indian cooking. It is used for the way it tastes and smells. In Indian dishes like biryani, mutton, and vegetable pulao, whole bay leaves are used and then taken out before the dish is served.


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Health benefits of Indian bay leaf: 

  1. Aids Digestion

When you add bay leaf to a dish with a lot of ghee, butter, and spices, it can help your body digest the food. It has also been shown that bay leaves have a strong effect on the digestive system because they flush toxins out of the body when something toxic is eaten or drunk.


  1. Helps with diabetes

It has been found that bay leaves can help treat Type 2 diabetes because they lower the levels of blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglycerides. For the best results, these leaves can be ground into a powder and eaten for 30 days. This will lower the amount of sugar in your body and help your heart work better. This is because the antioxidants in bay leaves help the body use insulin better. This makes bay leaves a good choice for diabetics and people who don't respond well to insulin.


  1. Controls the spread of fungus

Researchers say that bay leaves have antifungal properties that help protect the skin from getting an infection or getting burned by something from the outside. Using bay leaf regularly makes a barrier that keeps all kinds of bacteria from getting into your respiratory system.


  1. Lessens worry and stress

Bay leaves have a lot of a chemical called "Linalool" that lowers the amount of stress hormones in the body and makes it less likely that someone will feel anxious or sad.


  1. Anti-cancer properties

Caffeic acid, quercetin, eugenol, and catechins are all found in bay leaf. All of these have anti-cancer properties that protect against different types of cancer. They have something called "Parthenolide," which is a phytonutrient that shows how Cervical Cancer cells spread.


  1. Helps keep the heart healthy

The "Rutin" compound in bay leaf makes the capillaries in the heart stronger and is good at getting rid of the "bad cholesterol" caffeic acid. All of these things make blood vessels good for the health of the heart.


  1. Relieves Pain

The oils made from bay leaves have anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve pain from sprains, strains, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and just general pain and inflammation. Headaches and migraines can be eased by massaging with bay leaf oil. Blood vessels also improve the flow of blood and make you feel healthier. If you have joint pain, you can make a poultice out of bay leaves and castor leaves and wrap it around the painful joint to relieve pain and swelling. If you have a headache, put a few bay leaves in water and boil them for a few minutes. Strain this mix and drink it while it's still hot. If you have a bad headache, you can put a paste made from bay leaves on your forehead.


  1. Menstrual Problems

Taking it by mouth makes it easier to figure out regular and normal periods. It can also control abnormal vaginal discharge.


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