Kanthari chilli - Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Kanthari chilli - Health Benefits, Uses and Important Facts

Kanthari chillies, or Bird’s eye chillies, which are used in curries and other foods, have medicinal properties. Due to its intense heat, the bird's eye chilli is called "Kanthari Mulaku" in Kerala. The key elements in bird's eye chilli offer a number of health advantages, including lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, and other cardiac conditions.


One of the distinctive cultivar-groups of Capsicum annuum is the Bird Eye pepper or Kanthari chilli (Capsicum frutescence). There are many different varieties of bird's eye chile, including white, red, green, and others. Depending on the dry mass per mg/g, each of them has a varied amount of capsaicin, with white chilies having the highest amount (13.5mg/g) of capsaicin.


The others include the fragrant pepper, sweet pepper, and chile. Small amounts of the peppers, of which Bird Eye is one, are taken as a condiment or spice to season food and increase appetite. They are also used in traditional medicine, particularly by herbalists who make ointments to treat rheumatism and joint troubles.

About Kanthari chilli plant:


Kanthari chilli is a short-lived perennial or perennial sub-shrub with poor growth. Flowers are waxy, greenish white, and typically upright in clusters of two or more. Fruits are elongate, typically upright, typically small and narrow, up to 5 cm x 1 cm, and are smooth and exceedingly smelly. When young, they are green to cream and yellow.


Health benefits of Kanthari chilli:


In addition to being hot, it is also quite nutritious. The little chilli is available in red, dark green, and white. Kanthari chillies are high in antioxidants and other micronutrients, just as many of their larger counterparts. It can help burn fat and promote weight loss when used in moderation as part of a healthy diet.


Several of the health advantages of Kanthari chilli are:


Has antifungal and microbial qualities

Increases appetite

Regulates blood sugar and cholesterol

Speeds up metabolism


  1. Increases appetite: Bird's eye chillies aid in increasing appetite, which enhances digestion in general. These chiles contain capsaicin, which prevents digestive issues. Including them in your diet can hasten the passage of food through the digestive tracts and ease gas.


  1. Promotes weight loss: The capsaicinoids in bird's eye chillies may aid with calorie restriction, metabolism stimulation, and body fat oxidation. Additionally, it can enhance gut health, which finally results in weight loss.


  1. Antimicrobial, anti-fungal, and antibacterial properties: Because bird's eye chilli is a medicinal plant, it contains these qualities. This lowers the risk of heart disease and TB and prevents blood clots. It is an excellent painkiller as well.


  1. Heals Joint Pain


In addition to giving food a spicy flavour, capsaicin also treats and relieves joint discomfort. To prevent seizures, capsaicin acts by relaxing tense muscles.


  1. Anti-Cancerous


Chilies eliminate cancerous cells from our bodies before they become a problem, protecting the healthy cells in the process.


  1. Enhances Heart Health and Performance


Heart attacks can be prevented by consuming bird's eye chilli, which can help lower blood pressure. Long-term elimination of bad cholesterol and triglycerides from the body will ensure the long-term health of the heart. Additionally, by broadening and opening the arteries leading to the heart, it reduces the chance of cardiac arrests.


  1. Preserves Immunity


Bird's eye chilli contains vitamin C, which protects the body from numerous illnesses. Long-term immunity is guaranteed, and the body is properly safeguarded against illnesses.


  1. As an anti-inflammatory medication


It is an excellent herbal remedy for diabetes, arthritis, psoriasis, and nervous dysfunction brought on by herpes since it contains anti-inflammatory compounds.


  1. Aids in Detoxification


Consuming bird's eye chilli can spark detoxification, which is supported by body heat and perspiration. You can also have the chile, honey, and lemon juice concoction in the morning to promote total body cleansing. Additionally, the greatest quick liver detox methods are provided here after years of heavy drinking.


  1. Lowers blood pressure


It has the ability to maintain blood health, including the reduction of excessive blood pressure. In order to prevent blood from building up and obstructing the arteries leading to the heart, capsaicin improves blood flow throughout the entire body.




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