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Mary Kom: The Epitome of Women Empowerment

She remembered who she was and changed the game.

In life your background holds no power over you. If you possess passion and also the potential to make a mark on the lives of others, then you may definitely find ways to realize what you strive for. Mary Kom not only proves that, but she has exceeded and excelled every expectation people had from her.

Born within the small village of Kangathei, Manipur, her parents worked as labourers on a farm. Mary had a tough childhood and working as well as taking care of her siblings was a part and parcel of her life. Even though she quit her studies very early, it did not stop her from pursuing her dreams.

Her hard work paid off and she won a Gold Medal in Asian Games in 1998. The win motivated her, and she decided to pursue her career as a professional boxer with renewed zeal - a decision that would change her life. She faced a lot of opposition from her parents as they considered boxing an unsuitable sport for a young girl – something she proved wrong when she became the National Boxing Champion 5 times in a row.

Mary Kom not only established herself as a recognized national athlete but successfully became a female icon for women and young girls all over the world. She became the first women from India to feature for boxing in 2012 Olympics and had the honour of carrying the tricolour after she shined in the games. She was the first woman to qualify for London Olympics and also to win a Bronze medal in boxing for India. Mary Kom became an inspiration for women, when she broke the stereotype that married women especially mothers cannot become successful athlete, through her grit and determination.

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