7 Delicious Recipes You Can Prepare in Your Cast Iron Kadai

There’s perhaps no other cookware that complements Indian cuisine like a cast iron kadai. This heavy duty pot is one of the most versatile items that can help you cook a wide range of delicacies without any hassle. Moreover, the prolonged life of a cast iron kadai often makes it a heirloom worthy item that is passed from one generation to another. The benefits of working in a cast iron kadai are many:


1. They are naturally non-stick:

This is your naturally non-stick cookware without any dreaded chemical. The non-stick like surface can be easily achieved with regular seasoning. However, if you are wary of seasoning, you will be happy to know that Meyer’s cast iron range comes pre-seasoned. Therefore, you can straightaway use it after purchasing.


2. Flavour enhancer:

Cast iron cookware are touted to add rustic flavour to food that we often associate with Indian cuisine.


3. Lasting durability:

It is super sturdy and immune to extreme temperature changes. It can also be easily restored, even if it is badly rusted.


4. Better heat conduction:

Once heated, cast iron cookware remains at a uniformly high temperature for a longer duration, ensuring even cooking without any hot or cold spots.


5. Brilliant at browning:

If you want crispy, seared, caramelised grills or tikkas, this is your go-to option!


A traditional cast iron kadai can be used to prepare a multitude of mouth-watering Indian recipes. We have accumulated 7 delicious recipes you can prepare in your cast iron kadai. These cast iron cookware recipes are perfect for lunch as well as dinner. You can easily use them to feed your family or entertain your guests. So, go ahead and season your pan for an extravagant meal plan.


1. Rogan Josh

A firm favourite that is loved by all! Prepare this hearty curry in our cast iron kadai to save time and add the bonus rustic flavour.

Get the recipe here-Click here


2. Mustard Fish Curry

If you have tried everything and still your fish is sticking to the pan, cooking in a cast iron kadai can help you get perfectly brown and crispy fish. Because a heavy duty cast iron kadai can easily handle delicate fish fillets.

Get the recipe here- Click here


3. Chettinad Egg Curry

A great lunch and dinner recipe that pairs perfectly with rice as well as flatbreads and cooks wonderfully in a cast iron cookware.

Get the recipe here- Click here


4. Chicken Kali Mirch

A simple, savoury recipe that you can cook using regular pantry ingredients and our incredible cast iron kadai.

Get the recipe here- Click here


5. Mutton Nihari

A wholesome and nourishing meal that cooks wonderfully in a cast iron kadai.

Get the recipe here- Click here


6. Mango Kadhi With Achaari Pakoda

A favourite of many, this recipe teams well with rice. Prepare it to perfection in a traditional cast iron kadai.

Get the recipe here- Click here


7. Kadai Paneer

A recipe that will never go out of the season or anyone’s food menu. Prepare this much-loved recipe in your beloved cast iron kadai.

Get the recipe here- Click here


If you are searching for the best cast iron kadai in India, look no further. Meyer Cast Iron is the trusted cast iron cookware range with a lifetime warranty. The impeccable design and the illustrious features make this range worthy of every kitchen.  Whether you are looking for a  cast iron kadai big size (i.e. cast iron kadai 5 litre) or a small one, Meyer offers an assortment of dimensions to suit your different requirements.


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