Mouth-watering treats for Monsoon

The soothing pitter patter of the raindrops, the calming breeze and the bewitching blessing of the lushness make the monsoon surreal for everyone! There’s perhaps no music more mesmerising than the rhythm of the falling rain. And there’s perhaps no happiness greater than complementing the monsoon with some mouth-watering, homemade treats!

Don’t let this beautiful season pass without creating some awesome memories. Feel its freshness and fervour by enjoying some delectable flavours. Here are some recipes that we have rustled up especially to help you magnify the mirth of monsoon. These are easy and quick to prepare and use easily available pantry ingredients.


1. Thai Charcoal Roasted Corn Recipe

Want to have something familiar yet fancy? Here’s the upgraded version of the regular bhutta! High on nutrients as well as flavour, this version is packed with tantalising spices including Red thai curry paste and Galangai along with the tangy lemon.

Get the complete recipe here:

2. Asian Vegetable Fritter

Hot pakoras with cutting chai is an unbeatable combination. With the first drop of rain, our heart starts yearning for hot pakoras. This monsoon, don’t just much on the regular, deep fried pakoras, but it gives it a healthy twist with this Asian vegetable fritter.

Get the complete recipe here: 

3. Mumbai Masala Toast

Nothing beats the evergreen and forever loved toast when it comes to monsoon snacking. Raise a toast to some cheesy good time with this comfort treat.

Get the complete recipe here:


4. Mumbai Vada Pav

Another version of the favourite Mumbai Vada Pav complemented with some tangy chutney. Refreshing as the ravishing raindrops, this traditional treat will add a piquant bite to those beautiful moments!

Get the complete recipe here:

5. Bharwan Aloo Tikki

The age-old combination of spicy boiled potato mixture and paneer gets a sumptuous new twist, rendering your snack time a fresh new avatar. This wonderful recipe takes care of health, taste and convenience in one go!

Get the complete recipe here:

Words of Caution: Remember to stay away from street food and undercooked food such as chaat, golas and kulfis during monsoon. Snack on hot food that boost immunity and are high on anti-inflammatory properties.

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