6 Mouth-Watering , tempting snacks for the rainy season

6 Mouth-Watering , tempting snacks for the rainy season


Simple and easy to make treats for monsoon in india

The soothing pitter patter of the raindrops, the calming breeze and the bewitching blessing of the lushness make the monsoon surreal for everyone! There’s perhaps no music more mesmerizing than the rhythm of the falling rain. And there’s perhaps no happiness greater than complementing the monsoon with some mouth-watering, homemade treats!



Don’t let this beautiful season pass without creating some awesome memories. Feel its freshness and fervor by enjoying some delectable flavors. Here are some recipes that we have rustled up especially to help you magnify the mirth of monsoon. These are easy to follow, so anyone can make them a reality!



Fluffy Cinnamon Rolls:


​​Start your day with a sinfully delicious treat! These Spicy Cinnamon Rolls are fluffy, fragrant and will tantalize your taste buds.  




Chicken Pakora


​​Who doesn't love crispy pakoras? And in this monsoon weather, it almost becomes an essential snack. Now imagine the crispiness and spiciness of a pakora with the amazing flavor and goodness of a chicken. Incredible, right? This recipe combines the two and brings you a chicken pakora that will woo your palate to dance with the falling raindrops.  




Asian Aloo Chaat 


​​Asian aloo chaat can be called one of the easiest but quirky items that you can make. With fried potatoes tossed in the oriental flavors, with some chopped vegetables, it is a variation derived from indo-chinese cuisine.  




Chilli Paneer 


​​We have another vegetarian version of the popular chili chicken. This, too, is quite famous and there's a good chance that you already love it. A crispy paneer, inside a spicy and sticky sauce, and all of this is prepared in just 15 minutes, how amazing is that? Try out this recipe and let us know. 




Mutton Boti Tikka 


​​Mutton Boti Tikka is a delicious and easy homemade recipe. Mutton doesn’t only make this dish delicious but is highly nutritious. It is good for your immune system, and suitable for patients suffering from diseases like diabetes, heart problems, obesity, and many other ailments.  




Hariyali Paneer Tikka 


Cubes of Cottage Cheese marinated with cilantro, mint along with yogurt (dahi) and spices on top, this is a foodie’ dream. This Hariyali Paneer Tikka is a great vegetarian option for summer grilling and BBQ parties!  



​​So, what are you waiting for? Get cooking and enjoy the rain!  



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