Vanquishing Myths – One Non-Stick Pan at a Time

Vanquishing Myths – One Non-Stick Pan at a Time
Non-stick cookware myths that you should stop believing right away

Non-stick cookware is the in-thing when it comes to kitchen upgrades these days. There is something about these sleek, chic pots and pans-not to mention the ease of cooking and cleaning they offer, that just pulls us to them. However, there are a slew of myths, dreadful anecdotes and precautions that might deter your desire to add them to your kitchen. If you want to upgrade your cookware with the best non-stick cookware range but all these rumors around the range demotivate you – do not worry, we are here to debunk the myths for you.



1. Myth - “Non-stick is unhealthy”


​​Wrong! Non-stick is completely safe. Non-stick cookware is totally non-reactive to any kind of food. It can be used to prepare all types of savory, saucy and healthy dishes with almost no oil. The only thing to check while buying - it must be PFOA free, lead-free and cadmium free and has to be approved by an established food regulatory body such as FDA USA or EFSA. (European Food Safety Authority)



2. Myth - “Non-stick is expensive”


​​Wrong. Non-stick cookware is not always expensive. It is available in a varied price range. Certainly, the cost is defined by the type of material they are made up of, the durability they offer, extent of heat conductivity and their construction. So, in general if you buy a renowned non-stick cookware like Circulon,it might cost you a bit but be assured it’s worth the price.


3. Myth - “Non-stick coat wears off easily”


​​Wrong. Engineered to resist chipping, peeling and flaking - your non-stick coat will not wear off so easily. Also, certain coats stand out with their durability. You can always check what type of coat your pan has. Even though some coats can chip off even in the first month, there are also certain names that have gathered a reputation with their long-lasting durability such as Chemours USA and Whitford USA.



4. Myth - “All non-stick coatings are same”


​​Wrong. All non-stick coatings are not the same. The quality of the coating determines the longevity of the coatings. Some regarded names in the world of non-stick coating include Chemours USA and Whitford USA. You can always keep them in mind while shopping.



5. Myth – “Non-stick is high maintenance and the upkeep is a headache”


​​Wrong. In fact, non-stick cookware USP is the ease that they offer to you. Easy to clean, wash and dry, make amazing dishes without a drop of oil, scratch resistant and even heat distribution makes it the most versatile cookware in the kitchen. It’s a cookware that requires the least amount of maintenance

Now that we have debunked some of the reasons that might be hindering your hopes of cooking in a non-stick cookware, here’s presenting some of the reasons that might heighten your desire of purchasing that glossy pan for your kitchen:

​​1. Minimal oil, maximum flavor cooking: The glossy non-stick surface doesn’t require to be greased with oil to cook food or prevent it from sticking. Reduced fat consumption means better health!

​​2. Easy to use: There’s no need to season it or to take any special care; it is a simple to use and highly efficient cookware.

​​3. Easy to clean: Since food doesn’t stick to the surface, it takes little time and effort to clean the pan. You can also shove it to a dishwasher to clean it.

​​4. Even Heat Distribution: Non-stick cookware has an aluminum core that promotes uniform heat distribution.

​​5. Scratch resistant: If and when you use right cooking utensils, the non-stick coating will continue performing impeccably for long.

​​Here are our favorite non-stick cookware brands in India that would help you cook elaborate meals with ease every day!




Name Starting Price Range Includes
Meyer Merlot 13,40 Frypan, Kadai,Wok, Skillet, Sets
Circulon Clad 3,875 Frypan, Sauteuse, Casserole, Chef’s Pan, Saucepan
Circulon Infinite 2,790 Tawa, Skillet, Saute Pan, Stir Fry, Sets



1.  Meyer Merlot


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2. Circulon Clad


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3. Circulon Infinite


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