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Non-stick or Stainless steel- cookware you really need!

Non-stick or Stainless steel- cookware you really need!
Why take sides, why not enjoy the perks of both cookware?



Glossy non-stick cookware or gorgeous and uncoated stainless steel- choosing between the two bests is always difficult, especially if they both are experts in their own departments. The rule is rather simple, in the world of kitchen, more is never less. Because cooking is a multifarious, multifaceted task and you need multiple cookware to master it. So, it basically boils down to this- If you want to sear food at high temperatures, go for stainless steel cookware and if you want minimal oil cooking clubbed with minimal effort cleaning, non-stick cookware will impress you thoroughly. Read on to understand more:




1. Non-stick cookware


In this fast paced world, we all are looking for ways to save time and effort. And non-stick has achieved the distinction of fulfilling our objective by simply being easy to use, clean and maintain. Non-stick cookware comes with a slick coating that prevents food from sticking, and makes cleaning easy. Health-conscious people especially like to use non-stick cookware as they can cook using a lot less oil in comparison to an uncoated cookware.

However, many consumer advocacy groups have raised concerns about the surface that carries potential health risks. They have validly raised doubts about PFOA. And fortunately, the use of these chemicals have diminished since 2013 and most of the cookware, especially high-quality non-stick cookware, are PFOA-free. Thus, using a non-stick cookware doesn’t increase your risk of being exposed to PFOA. However, there are still concerns about the cookware releasing potentially toxic chemicals when exposed to high temperature. So, it is always recommended to be prudent to take following precautions:

  • Never heat a cookware empty on a burner.
  • Always keep the temperature of your burner on medium or low.
  • Discard the pan if its coating is damaged or is starting to chip or flake.

When to use non-stick cookware? Use it to cook delicate foods like eggs, pancakes, crepes and fish that can be cooked on medium and low heat.
What to avoid with non-stick cookware? Avoid searing as this requires high heat that can damage the cookware. Also avoid using non-stick spray as the acid in the spray can mar the coating.



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Are non-stick pans cancerous?


According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), “there are no proven risks to from using cookware coated with Teflon (or other non-stick surfaces)

Can non-stick coating harm you when ingested?

Ingesting small flakes of non-stick coating do not pose any danger. The material is likely to pass through the body without hampering you.




2. Stainless steel cookware


Uncoated stainless steel cookware does a great job at developing that gorgeous and gourmet browning through high heat cooking. They’re more durable because there’s no coating that can get damaged or that needs to be protected. And if the handles are made of heat proof material, you can even use them on an oven.)

When to use stainless steel cookware? You can use it practically for anything. Since it can endure extreme temperatures, you can use it for browning and searing any food.
What to avoid with stainless steel cookware? Don’t clean the hot pan as this will cause warping. Wait for the pan to cool down.


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Why does food stick to my stainless steel frying pan?


The surface of stainless steel has tiny pores. When you heat the cookware, the steel expands and the pores in the surface shrink. The shrinking pores binds the food, causing it to stick.



Conclusion: Which pan is better for you?


Buy a non-stick cookware for preparing eggs, pancakes, fish and other foods that can stick to a pan, and invest in a premium stainless steel cookware for browning, searing and deep frying food.



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