Raw Cast Iron or Enamelled Cast Iron: which one is better?

Raw Cast Iron or Enamelled Cast Iron: which one is better?
The tussle of two champions- Raw Cast Iron & Enamelled Cast Iron!


Do the heated debates and constant comparison between cast iron cookware and enamelled cast iron cookware baffle you? Are you uncertain about which cookware deserves your attention and space in your kitchen? We are here to help you make the best decision and get the right cookware for your kitchen. But, first let us tell you, both cookware are versatile, durable and perform incredibly well!



Table of Content

  1. What Is Cast Iron?
  2. Advantages of Cast Iron Cookware:
  3. What Is Enamelled Cast Iron?
  4. Advantages of Enamel Cast Iron:
  5. Raw Cast Iron vs Enamelled Cast Iron Cookware Comparison Chart
  6. Conclusion



1. What Is Cast Iron?


Cast iron cookware is made from melted iron that is cast as a single cookware piece. Cast iron has the wonderful ability to retain and maintain high temperatures making it a great option to fry and sear food. They are also preferred for braised dishes and long simmer.

A high-quality cast iron cookware is thicker than a similar-sized cookware of other material and is capable of withholding heat. The thermal conductivity in heavy gauged cast iron allows them to maintain heat for a longer duration and continue to cook food even after the pot has been removed from the heat source.



2. Advantages of Cast Iron Cookware:


  1. Naturally non-stick – The seasoning of the cookware provides a natural semi non-stick cooking surface
  2. More durable – Extremely durable and with right care can last for years
  3. Compatible with all cooktops – You can use a cast iron pan on the stovetop, oven, open flame or on the grill
  4. High heating – Once heated, cast iron retains heat for long

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3. What Is Enamelled Cast Iron?


Enamelled cast iron includes vitreous enamel paint that acts like a non-stick coating and prevents it from rusting and also eliminates the need for seasoning. Enamelled cast iron is easier to clean and maintain. It’s an ideal choice for slow cooking as it doesn’t alter the flavour of food. This type of cookware is usually used for indoor cooking and gives the best result when cooking on the stovetop


4. Advantages of Enamel Cast Iron:


  1. An enamelled cast iron cookware does not require seasoning
  2. Unlike a raw cast iron cookware, you can cook acidic foods fearlessly here
  3. You can cook and clean in an enamelled cast iron cookware without worrying about rusting
  4. Available in various colours to elevate the look of your kitchen

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Raw Cast Iron vs Enamelled Cast Iron Cookware Comparison Chart


Raw cast iron cookware Enamelled Cast Iron Cookware
Materials 98% iron and 2% carbon Cast iron + vitreous enamelled coating
Appearance Dark grey/black that gets darker with use Shiny in a variety of colours
Temperature Can withstand extreme temperature Can withstand up to 500 °F depending on the quality and design of knobs and handles
Heat Retention High High
Heat Source Suitable for all heat sources- great for indoor and outdoor cooking Right for indoor cooking, stovetop, induction, gas, oven
Durability Can last for a lifetime with right care The enamel coating will deteriorate before the raw cast iron
Food reactivity Reactive to alkaline and acidic foods Not reactive to any food
Clean Up Avoid dishwasher, soaking, scourers & hot water, and dry immediately after cleaning Avoid dishwasher, use warm soapy water to clean, and dry thoroughly
Seasoning Should be seasoned regularly Seasoning is not required





Traditional cast iron and enamelled cast iron cookware are both highly durable and long-lasting. You can consider any of these cookware for your daily cooking as they are compatible with most of the heat sources. These cookware, after preheating, cook evenly and retain a stable temperature for a wholesome meal preparation. Therefore, we recommend getting one of each — traditional and slightly contemporary enamelled cast iron.



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